Field CISO Q&A: Joe Robertson
Fortinet news, January 7th, 2020

Volume 262, Issue 2 Article 88524
January 7, 2020

"Below is an interview with Joe Robertson, Field CISO at Fortinet, which covers OT and IT security, the future of cybersecurity, and advice for today's CISOs...

You talk to a lot of C-level executives. What are a few common themes that come up as concerns-across industries, enterprise size, etc?

I think the most difficult aspect of the job for a CISO is the breadth and depth of their responsibilities. If it can be attacked, they have to protect it. It can be a very technical job, but at the same time they sit at the executive table. I think of CISOs as being a lot like Janus, the Roman god of gates and doors who is portrayed with two faces looking in opposite directions. But in the case of CISOs they aren't looking backwards and forwards, but rather up and down within the organization..."