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10 Essential Business Benefits Of Unified Communications
Search Unified Communications, Thursday, February 1st, 2024
How can unified communications tools benefit your business? Explore these 10 unified communications benefits to make the best deployment decision for your needs.

A range of communications services fall under the umbrella of unified communications. Yet, implementations of UC tools can vary greatly from one organization to the next. Thus, choosing the right UC platform for your needs can be a challenge.

Before picking a platform, the need for UC must be apparent. Traditionally speaking, most businesses consider the telephone to be the most important communications tool a business can provide.

Cybersecurity Comes To Enterprise Communications
nojitter, Friday, February 2nd, 2024
Voice-focused attacks remain a major issue as CX grows in importance.

Communications technology has long grappled with a set of security challenges specific to voice as a channel. SecureLogix, one of the leading vendors in this space over the past couple of decades, lists some of the major ones:
  • Caller ID spoofing and impersonation attacks
  • Telephony denial of service (TDoS)
  • Toll fraud and toll-free traffic pumping
  • Robocalls, spam, and harassing callers

Telephony may be fading away, and voice calling may even be poised to decline in the contact center, but for now, voice is still an important channel, and so voice-focused attacks remain a major issue as CX grows in importance.

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