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Email Security
Search Security, Wednesday, September 6,2023
Email security is the process of ensuring the availability, integrity and authenticity of email communications by protecting against unauthorized access and email threats. Email enables billions of connected people and organizations to communicate with one another to send messages. Since email is at the foundation of how the internet is used, it has long been a target for malicious attacks.

Email security aims to help prevent attacks and abuse of email communication systems. Within the domain of email security, there are various email security protocols that technology standards organizations have proposed and recommended to help limit email risks. Protocols can be deployed by email clients and email servers, such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365, to help ensure the secure transit of email. Looking beyond just protocols, email security gateways can help organizations and individuals to protect email from various threats.

The topic of email security also includes privacy concerns, as unauthorized parties could potentially read email that contains sensitive information.

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