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Advice From The ISACA Ransomware Response Checklist
Security Boulevard, Thursday, May 11,2023
May 19, 2023,
Volume 302, Issue 3

A decade ago, most companies realized that being hit with a data breach was inevitable-the well-known 'when, not if' statement drove that idea home.

The time has come to make a similar realization about ransomware. Tenacious cybercrime rings and the easy availability of ransomware toolkits, as well as the financial rewards, are why ransomware attacks are increasing.

But even if an organization anticipates a ransomware attack is likely, they may not understand how vital it is to have a plan already in place, with a very detailed outline of what all parties should be doing.

When an attack happens, the immediate reaction is how to get the data back. At that point, the CISO may be getting advice from leadership, legal and others in the company on how to best approach the ransomware response.

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