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The Evolution Of The Chief Data Officer (CDO) And What It Means For Businesses Today
VentureBeat, Saturday, May 13,2023
May 19, 2023,
Volume 302, Issue 3

In 2015, Gartner defined the role of the chief data officer (CDO) as 'a senior executive who bears responsibility for information protection and privacy, governance, data quality and life cycle management, along with exploiting data assets to create business value.' That is quite the list, but one that I'm sure any early CDO would likely recall and agree with.

Over the last eight years, the CDO has earned greater credibility across organizations and become a valued partner in the delivery of competitive business outcomes. The broad scope hasn't changed, but the CDO now has greater power to influence strategy and prioritize activities.

Below I'll outline the factors pushing this evolution and what the CDO's blueprint looks like moving forward.

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