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Company Executives Can't Afford To Ignore Cybersecurity Anymore
HelpNet Security, Wednesday, May 10,2023
May 19, 2023,
Volume 302, Issue 3

Asked about the Board and C-Suite's understanding of cybersecurity across the organisation, only 39% of respondents think their company's leadership has a sound understanding of cybersecurity's role as a business enabler, according to Delinea.

36% believe that it is considered important only in terms of compliance and regulatory demands, while 17% said it is not seen as a business priority.

The disconnect between business and security goals appears to have caused at least one negative consequence to 89% of respondents' organisations, with 26% also reporting it resulted in an increased number of successful cyberattacks at their company.

The impact of misaligned goals on cybersecurity was wide-ranging as it contributed to delays in investments (35%), delays in strategic decision making (34%), and unnecessary increases in spending (27%).

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