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Data-At-Rest Encryption In The Cloud: Explore Your Options
Data Center Knowledge, March 2nd, 2023
March 10, 2023,
Volume 300, Issue 2

Fear the NSA or other infiltration threats? We break down different approaches IT pros can take to encrypt data at rest in the public cloud, including service-managed keys, customer-managed keys, bring-your-own keys, and hold-your-own keys.

From aircraft and car manufacturers to pharmaceutical and high-tech companies, military institutions and suppliers - various industries fear espionage. While most of us are too irrelevant in the global struggle for economic and technological dominance, some companies and institutions are less relaxed. It is a real risk that foreign secret services might steal their business secrets and pass them to competitors.

Can (and should) they move their data to the cloud? How does encryption help them? In the following, we discuss four approaches to handling data-at-rest encryption in the cloud after elaborating on three basic patterns for integrating cloud (storage) services in enterprise application landscapes.

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