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A CIO's First Rule For Automation: Have A Clear Business Case
CIO, March 2nd, 2023
March 10, 2023,
Volume 300, Issue 2

As more companies strive to improve operations and enhance the customer experience, CIOs lead the charge to implement automation initiatives that work now, and strategies to ensure future success. Establishing the business case, however, is the first step.

By virtue of their position between IT and effecting business strategy, CIOs can identify what processes their organizations need in order to modernize and automate. When it comes to updating core systems to drive operational efficiencies, they also have to ensure that a sound business case exists to automate them, says Laurie Shotton, VP and analyst at Gartner. That's not surprising since CIOs typically own IT automation, as well as help drive business automation. But it's not always a given the two aren't working at cross purposes.

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