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Must Read: The 100 Most Cited AI Papers In 2022
Zeta Alpha, March 2nd, 2023
March 10, 2023,
Volume 300, Issue 2

Who Is publishing the most Impactful AI research right now? With the breakneck pace of innovation in AI, it is crucial to pick up some signal as soon as possible.

No one has the time to read everything, but these 100 papers are sure to bend the road as to where our AI technology is going. The real test of impact of R&D teams is of course how the technology appears in products, and OpenAI shook the world by releasing ChatGPT at the end of November 2022, following fast on their March 2022 paper 'Training language models to follow instructions with human feedback'. Such fast product adoption is rare, so to see a bit further, we look at a classic academic metric: the number of citations.

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