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Cloud Adoption: 3 Things To Consider
InformationWeek, June 6th, 2022
Organizations hoping to launch or expand cloud adoption initiatives must prepare for several key challenges beyond the core technology, but there are ways to get the job done right.

"For virtually every enterprise today, moving to the cloud is no longer a question of 'if'; instead, the question is, 'which apps and when?' opines Mike Tippets in InformationWeek.

"There is urgency in the answer. In fact, when asked about their deadlines for embracing and adopting cloud technology, many IT practitioners will quip: 'Yesterday!'

However, while most executives understand the benefits of transition to the cloud for scalability, operational efficiencies, security or cost-savings, many still harbor understandable concerns. Business executives face not just the technical challenge of cloud migration, but the added hurdle of reaching consensus amongst enterprise finance and technology leaders -- addressing their concerns and easing resistance to enact mission-critical change..."

Cloud software and applications allow staff to work from anywhere. But if your cloud security is poor, cyber criminals can also get in.

Danny Palmer writes in ZDNet, "Cloud applications and services provide access to business tools, information and software from anywhere, allowing employees to be productive whether they are working in the office, remotely or a combination of the two. Location doesn't matter; everything they need is just in 'the cloud'.

But it isn't only employees and businesses who have benefited from the use of cloud computing and the shift towards remote working - it's proving useful for cyber criminals and malicious hackers too, giving them a new set of opportunities to steal sensitive data such as credit card information, passwords, secret intellectual property and more from unwary cloud users..."

Cloud means handing over data and apps, but that doesn't mean giving up responsibility for security.

"As convenient as cloud computing has become," writes Danny Palmer in ZDNet, "it isn't without problems. Poor cybersecurity planning for cloud applications, such as allowing users to rely on simple passwords, failing to use multi-factor authentication or not applying patches and updates, can leave you vulnerable to attacks.

Managing cybersecurity was already a challenge for many organisations and their boardrooms: adding the cloud just widens the potential threat surface and increases the complexity for many..."

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