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Enterprise technology is moving rapidly toward the metaverse, a world composed of real and virtual businesses, people, and things operating in a hyperconnected environment.

Listen to this conversation with Accenture's Paul Daugherty for guidance as you evaluate your own technology strategy,

The discussion includes these topics:

  • About the book Radically Human
  • Accenture Tech Vision research findings
  • On technology planning and enterprise CTO strategy
  • Culture change and the 'forever beta' mindset
  • Advice to CIOs on technology transformation
  • Enterprise adoption and the metaverse
  • When will the enterprise adopt the metaverse?
  • What is the role of digital twins in the metaverse?
  • What prevents enterprises from adopting new technologies and mindsets?
  • Advice to CIOs on enterprise technology transformation

Paul Daugherty is Accenture's group chief executive - technology & chief technology officer.

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