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IT News - Storage

What's Driving The Data Storage Market?
ComputerWeekly, November 9th, 2021
When it comes to storage, there are differing views about what the biggest drivers are in the current market, which gives the channel a lot to think about

Billy MacInnes writes in ComputerWeekly, "Just because you ask a simple question, doesn't mean you'll get a simple answer that everyone can agree on. Not completely, anyway. Ask a bunch of vendors to identify the biggest drivers in the data storage market and you'll get replies that have some things in common and others that might have more to do with their own products and strategies than the market overall..."

Seagate Debuts NVMe HDD Technology At OCP
SearchStorage, November 12th, 2021
Seagate demonstrated NVMe HDD technology, showing off its stability and its potential benefits. Customers can see a reduction in complexity and a step toward composability

Adam Armstrong writes in SearchStorage, "Seagate demoed HDDs running over the NVMe interface and expounded on the benefits such as simplification and consolidation of storage systems under just one interface at the Open Compute Project Global Summit this week in San Jose, Calif.

Customers could benefit from the new design, but not right away as the technology is in its infancy, according to industry experts. During Seagate's presentation, executives showed a prerecorded demo, presented with Microsoft, of HDDs running on the NVMe bus, for the first time publicly..."

A collaboration of leaders in digital storage, sustainability, and blockchain announced the creation of the Circular Drive Initiative (CDI), a joint effort designed to reduce e-waste by promoting and enabling the secure reuse of storage hardware.

"Under the leadership of William McDonough, CEO, McDonough Innovation and the renowned architect of cradle to cradle design and the circular economy, CDI brings on major storage vendors, including Seagate Technology, as founding members alongside Chia Network.

Chia was designed by Bram Cohen to reduce the energy dependence of public blockchains while being the most decentralized and secure solution..."

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