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Why The CIO-CFO Relationship Is Key To Digital Success
SearchCIO, November 11th, 2021
November 21, 2021,
Volume 284, Issue 3

CIOs and CFOs haven't always gotten along. But with digital transformations now dominating budgets, business success depends on their ability to work together.

Mary K. Pratt writes in SearchCIO, "A strong CIO-CFO relationship has become critical for enterprise success as organizations speed delivery of their digital initiatives while also using technology to deliver efficiencies.

"There are so many important C-level relationships," said Chris Stephenson, national managing principal and leader of product innovation at the accounting and advisory firm Grant Thornton. "But if you want your organization to invest in the right places and have the most impact, [the] CIO and CFO must work together and speak the same language."

What does that mean in practical terms?

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