NVMe-Over-Fabrics: Five Need-To-Knows
ComputerWeekly, September 29th, 2021
October 10, 2021,
Volume 283, Issue 1

We look at five need-to-knows about NVMe-over-fabrics, such as its implementations - RDMA, Fibre Channel and TCP - use cases, hardware and operating system support

"NVMe as a connection method for flash storage seems to be achieving near ubiquity, opines Antony Adshead in ComputerWeekly. "Perhaps that's not quite true in all storage use cases, but for all-flash and hybrid flash arrays that service mainstream datacentre workloads, it is certainly true.

But NVMe is merely the drive-to-backplane connection. To connect over longer distances and fabrics/networks - spanning the rack and beyond - and to retain the advantages of NVMe connectivity, NVMe-over-fabrics is required.

NVMe-over-fabrics extends that super-fast flash access beyond the backplane.

In this article, we look at five key things you need to know about NVMe-over-fabrics..."

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