When The Chips Are Down And Prices Go Up
The Next Platform, May 25th, 2021
June 6, 2021,
Volume 279, Issue 1

And you thought toilet paper shortages were bad in the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, or board and plywood prices are high and getting insane at the local hardware depot that you already spent too much money at

"The laws of supply and demand - and the resiliency of the global economy - are going to be severely stress tested by the semiconductor shortage," writes Timothy Prickett Morgan in The Next Platform.

"An eventual rise in chip costs is expected due to the slowdown in rate of shrinkage in chip transistor sizes - and therefore the proportional lowering in the cost of the transistors - that is happening as Moore's Law runs out of gas, in large part due to the very small sizes of these transistors relative to the size of a copper or silicon atom but also driven by the increasing costs of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography equipment and the number of steps it takes to etch a chip using EUV techniques..."

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