Should You Care About Quantum Computing?
InfoWorld, February 9th, 2021
February 21, 2021,
Volume 275, Issue 3

The answer is often not what people want to hear. Here's where quantum computing fits in the world of cloud computing, and perhaps in your business

"You can google any number of confusing definitions of quantum computing," notes David Linthicum in InfoWorld. "Simply put, quantum computers are machines that leverage the attributes of quantum physics to store data and perform computations. Clear as mud.

The best way to understand the value of quantum computing-or lack thereof-is to understand the use case. Quantum computing can be advantageous for certain tasks where it can vastly outperform even supercomputers. It is typically associated with the following use cases: cybersecurity, pharmaceutical development, financial modeling, improving batteries, cleaner fertilizer, traffic optimization, weather forecasting, climate change, artificial intelligence, solar capture, and electronic materials discovery..."

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