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6 Cloud Vulnerabilities That Can Cripple Your Environment
SearchCloudComputing, February 9th, 2021
Enterprises can be devastated by security-related weaknesses or flaws in their cloud environments. Find out where you are most vulnerable before an attacker comes knocking

"Businesses make a big mistake when they assume the cloud will automatically keep their workloads and data safe from attack, theft and other malfeasance," notes Stephen J. Bigelow in SearchCloudComputing.

"Even in the cloud, vulnerabilities and the potential for exploitation are inevitable.

Cloud platforms are multi-tenant environments that share infrastructure and resources across countless global customers. A provider must work diligently to maintain the integrity of its shared infrastructure. At the same time, the cloud is a self-service platform, and each customer must carefully define the specific controls for each of its workloads and resources..."

3 Must-Haves For Your Multicloud Architecture
InfoWorld, February 12th, 2021
Your preflight checklist should have centralized account management, resource management, and asset normalization

"Most cloud architects are finding that their world is suddenly heterogenous," opines David Linthicum in InfoWorld. "Where once we could focus on a single public cloud provider, today we have as many as four in the mix. The patterns of architecture have moved from intra-cloud to inter-cloud, and that is where complexity and risk come in.

As a result, architects, including myself, have put together processes to make sure that most bases are covered-much like a pilot uses a preflight checklist. These include items such as cross-cloud governance, security, operations, etc. However, a few things that are vital for success are often forgotten. Here are my top three:..."

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