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IT News - CxO
5 Must-Read Harvard Business Review Articles In February
Check out these five thought-provoking HBR articles, curated especially for CIOs and IT leaders
Carla Rudder writes in The Enterprisers Project, "Each month, through our partnership with Harvard Business Review, we refresh our business library for CIOs with five new HBR articles we believe CIOs and IT leaders will value highly. Check out the curated pieces below, available to readers through the end of February"

  • How to harness the digital transformation of the Covid era
  • Storytelling can make or break your leadership
  • How to win with machine learning
  • How to recover when your career gets derailed
  • Boost your resistance to phishing attacks

Read on for details.

The Enterprisers Project, February 1st, 2021
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How To Translate Threats And Risk To C-Suite
When communicating with the C-suite or shareholders, CISOs have to speak equal parts security and bottom line
"The technical breakdown of the origin of a cyberthreat is noxious with detail, outlining maneuvers in technical jargon the C-suite does not need to know," opines Samantha Schwartz in CIODIVE. "Executives don't want to hear what they can't understand.

"It's tempting for CISOs to present a detailed cyberthreat intelligence (CTI) report to their non-technical counterparts, but that's no longer the role of the CISO. When communicating with the C-suite or shareholders, CISOs have to speak equal parts security and bottom line..."

CIODIVE, February 1st, 2021
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The IT Leader's New Imperative: Constructing The Culture
Here are five effective approaches for CIOs to expand their skillsets and build a resilient culture that can succeed in today's enterprise organizations
"The No. 1 question I get from chief information officers is: 'How do I get my team to change the culture and work in a new way?' asks Missy Lawrence-Johnston in InformationWeek"

"CIOs would be better advised instead to ask how they can improve their culture. My answer: Become 'ultra-senior' leaders by applying the science of human behavior dynamics to optimize performance..."

InformationWeek, February 2nd, 2021
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Major Trends That Are Changing The CISO Role
In a rapidly changing business environment, the role of the CISO has hugely expanded in its scope and responsibilities, a BT Security survey of over 7000 business leaders, employees and consumers from across the world reveals.
"With the research also identifying security as the top priority for businesses after coronavirus, CISOs have never been more integral to business operations.

With this in mind, the research's finding that 76% of business executives rate their organization's IT strategy as excellent or good at protecting against cybersecurity threats seems like positive news. Yet in spite of this, the research also found that this might be misplaced confidence which is leading to complacency, with 84% of executives also saying that their organization had suffered from data loss or a security incident in the last two years - highlighting the enormity of the task that CISOs face..." - HelpNet Security

HelpNet Security, February 4th, 2021
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IT News - Security
How To Motivate Employees To Take Cybersecurity Seriously
How can we push employees / users to take cybersecurity to heart? Dr. Maria Bada, external behavioral scientist at AwareGO, has been working on the answer for years
Zeljka Zorz writes in HelpNet Security, "After studying media psychology, focusing her Ph.D. on behavior change, and working towards the treatment of excessive internet use in children and adolescents, nearly ten years ago she opted to join Oxford University as a postdoctoral researcher on cyberculture and online behavior.

Her research focused on the human factor of cybersecurity, the assessment of cybersecurity awareness campaigns and their impact in changing online behavior and, gradually, it expanded from the user to the offender..."

HelpNet Security, February 2nd, 2021
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Strengthening Zero-Trust Architecture
Organizations that want to stay ahead of cybercriminals will find that going beyond user trust and device trust is critical for outwitting their adversaries
Carolyn Crandall writes in Dark Reading, "The invention of the term 'zero trust' is generally credited to former Forrester analyst John Kindervag more than a decade ago. Although it's not new, the concept has received renewed interest and market traction amid 2020's widespread shift to remote work and the evolution of the cloud. As a concept, zero trust doesn't refer to a specific piece of technology; instead, it relates to the idea that users should have only the bare minimum access they need to perform their job..."
Dark Reading, February 1st, 2021
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Is The End Of The Firewall In Sight?
Is a firewall a thing of the past? People have been questioning the utility of firewalls for years. Columnist and editor Roger A. Grimes wrote that 'firewalls need to go away' in May 2012
David Bisson writes in Security Intelligence, "Grimes reasoned this was because firewalls 'have always been problematic, and today there is almost no reason to have one.'

Is Grimes right? Is there no more use for firewalls anymore?

How Do Firewalls Work?

Traditional firewalls control traffic entering and exiting the network based upon source IP address, destination IP address, port and protocol. These types of solutions define traffic as flow, not isolated packets. Therefore, these tools can apply rules to traffic flow and help security experts make decisions based on them. Firewalls of the past also use packet filtering to inspect ingress and egress traffic (otherwise known as north-south traffic) for connections initiated by potentially suspicious sources along with virtual private networks (VPNs) as a means of gaining secured entry to the network..."

Security Intelligence, February 1st, 2021
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40+ Terrifying Cybersecurity Statistics You Need To Know For 2021
Interested in learning about trends in data loss prevention, ransomware, and cybercrime?
Dale Strickland, writes in Business 2 Community, "These cybersecurity statistics from the last 5 years will outline contemporary cybersecurity trends and provide a preview of what is being predicted for the future of cybersecurity.

Top 10 Cybersecurity Statistics for 2021

1) 58% of companies have over 1,000 inactive user accounts..

2) 86% of breaches in 2020 were financially motivated " 3) Global cybercrime is expected to inflict a total of $6 trillion USD in damages in 2021..."

Business 2 Community, February 1st, 2021
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IT News - Storage
Object Storage Is Heating Up
Forget About That Old and Cold Data Repository
"If you've followed my work in the last few years," writes Enrico Signoretti in Gigaom, "you know I'm a fan of object storage. I always thought the entire industry wasn't excited enough about object storage, but it finally caught on because of the cloud and the resulting data growth. Object storage is now in every conversation and it is becoming a popular option for a very broad set of use cases.

I'm working on updating my GigaOm Key Criteria and Radar reports for object storage and, without spilling the beans, I can tell you that the sector is now far more popular than ever and is also gaining traction supporting more high-performance workloads, including AI and big data. In fact, this year GigaOm will publish two Radar reports for object storage: one on general-purpose and another on high-performance object stores..."

Gigaom, February 4th, 2021
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Annual Update On Enterprise Storage
This presentation takes a look at the latest developments in enterprise storage
Howard Marks writes in SearchStorage, "Hello, and welcome to the Flash Memory Summit. This is our annual update on flash in enterprise storage, session U.1. This year, we've subtitled it "Flash, It's Not Just for Tier 1 Anymore, or Flash Is the New Normal."

I'm sure you're wondering who this guy mumbling on is and so I am your not-so-humble speaker, Howard Marks. I spent about 40 years as an independent consultant and journalist and analyst, basically looking at products, writing about them and telling vendors how they did things wrong. I developed the kind of, "Show that to Howard, he hates everything, he'll find what's wrong with it," attitude. So, recently, that meant I was Chief Scientist at DeepStorage, which was my analyst firm, and the co-host of the "GreyBeards on Storage" podcast..."

SearchStorage, February 4th, 2021
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Five Key Points About Unstructured Data Storage On-Prem And Cloud
We look at unstructured data, the myriad forms of data it comprises and the key storage options available, which include NAS and object storage on-prem and in the cloud
"Unstructured data is proliferating massively," notes Antony Adshead in ComputerWeekly. "It is growing in volume by more than 50% a year, and according to IDC, it will form 80% of all data by 2025 and does so already for some organisations.

That means unstructured data is a potential storage headache, but it is also a valuable source of intelligence.

There is another 80% figure that flies about with regard to unstructured data, which is that four-fifths of all business-relevant information originates in unstructured data, mostly text..."

ComputerWeekly, February 4th, 2021
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Final Results Of 2020 WW HDD Market
This is an Executive Summary of Information Services published by Trendfocus, Inc. on January 29, 2021
Client HDD Strength Powers Record Capacity Shipments of 266EB in 4CQ20

Total HDD TAM tops 70 million units, up 11% despite modest rise in enterprise HDD shipments, February 1st, 2021
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Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Enterprise Storage Today
What do vendors and end users alike need to know about flash memory today? Dive into what industry experts have noticed about the technology this past year and ten key things that you should know now about flash
"00:04 Jean: Okay. Hello everybody, and welcome to our annual Flash Memory Summit Top 10 Things panel. This is usually a fun session in which we all weigh in on what we think was really hot and really notable during the year. Well, flash memory has morphed rapidly from an exciting new technology just a few short years ago that had to be justified for special use cases, to becoming really a standard part of on-prem data centers and also cloud provider infrastructure. In this session, we'll examine the top 10 things that our panel has noticed about flash this year..."

IT News - Blockchain
Money Reimagined: Enterprise Blockchain Isn't Dead
Corporations find blockchain technology challenging to use. But it's much too early to write off enterprise applications wholesale
"Welcome to Money Reimagined," writes Michael J. Casey in CoinDesk.

"A snowy week has left New Yorkers chilly. But ether investors must be feeling cosy. Ethereum's native token has risen more than 25% on the week to clock new record highs and far outpace bitcoin's gain, while Ethereum-centric decentralized finance (DeFi) data showed new records for total value locked in DeFi. The numbers speak volumes about the symbiotic relationship between DeFi and ether but also show how much pressure is on developers to execute on the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade. The congested network is grappling with sky-high transaction fees (as I discuss below)..."

CoinDesk, February 5th, 2021
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IT News - ERP
Top 7 ERP Trends For 2021
Cloud, AI and mobility take hold, as enterprises seek improved integration, democratization of application development and a greater emphasis on customer experience
"Between the COVID-19 global pandemic and the subsequent economic upheaval, 2020 was a year when many enterprises were just lucky to survive," opines Neal Weinberg in CIO.

"As we look ahead to 2021, the vaccine rollout promises an eventual return to normalcy. But organizations aren't simply looking to get back to where things were; they are determined to re-invent their business models, revamp their processes and transform their organizations from top to bottom..."

CIO, February 2nd, 2021
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IT News - PM
8 Goals Every Project Manager Should Aspire To Achieve
If the pandemic has taught project managers anything, it's that uncertainty is here to stay. Here are the new goals project managers must focus on to be an indispensable strategic partner
"While a chief responsibility of a project manager is to deliver projects on time and on budget, that's no longer enough," writes Moira Alexander in CIO. "The pandemic of 2020 has left a lasting worldwide change. Global uncertainty has complicated life for project management offices (PMOs) worldwide. How has this impacted their goals? There's a new reality following the pandemic, requiring project managers to focus on these goals to achieve success..."
CIO, February 4th, 2021
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When IT Projects Feel Doomed: 6 Recovery Strategies
Despite your best efforts, some IT projects can feel cursed. Here's how to identify the pain points, salvage the work - and avoid trouble in the future
Brian Ahearne writes in The Enterprisers Project, "Every IT organization has seen projects spiral and fail to reach their goal: In a 2017 study by the Project Management Institute, 14 percent of IT projects were deemed failures. The study also found that a significant number of completed projects fell short in budget issues, delays, or meeting strategic goals and benchmarks.

Understanding and identifying pain points in advance and performing regular check-ins not only help prevent roadblocks, but also help ensure that the project is completed efficiently and effectively. Here are six ways business leaders and team members can adjust and salvage a project that seems doomed..."

The Enterprisers Project, February 2nd, 2021
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IT News - BI
BI-Related Changes You Should Make This Year
Remote workforces in 2021 will require more efficient metadata management and access
Amnon Drori writes in tdwi News, "During the past five years business intelligence (BI) has gradually transformed, marking 2020 as a year that solidified the need for automated metadata management. There are two major changes that have been occurring slowly that peaked this year -- the types of users accessing data and the number of systems that house data has skyrocketed.

In the past, there was a small percentage of BI users across a company and it was sometimes even limited to business intelligence analysts. However, as companies began to rely more on data to make major corporate decisions, the number of BI users has grown exponentially. Additionally, the number of systems that house this data has grown as well..."

tdwi News, February 1st, 2021
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IT News - FOSS
LibreOffice 7.1 Open-Source Office Suite Officially Released, This Is What's New
The Document Foundation released the LibreOffice 7.1 open-source and cross-platform office suite for all supported platforms, a major release that introduces new features and improvements
Marius Nestor writes in 9to5Linux, "The big news that The Document Foundation wants to share with us today is that they've released LibreOffice 7.1 Community, a version of the popular office suite that's supported by volunteers and targeted at the general public, not at enterprises.

The labeling of LibreOffice has been discussed a while ago when The Document Foundation explained that splitting its LibreOffice office suite into 'Personal' and 'Enterprise' editions won't affect the software's functionality, availability or license. In fact, it will help evolve the product with new features that you will be able to benefit from..."

9to5Linux, February 4th, 2021
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IT News - Cloud
5 Strategies To Mitigate Disruption When Apps Move To The Cloud
A mapped-out, phased approach to migration can help businesses uphold critical applications on the journey to the cloud
"With cloud becoming a clearer mandate, the market pushes organizations running on-premise workloads to reach for the cloud in order to compete," writes Roberto Torres in CIODIVE.

"But fear of disruption complicates the shift for companies still on-premise. One-third of IT decision makers are concerned about disrupting critical business applications while migrating, according to a survey from cloud migration company Next Pathway. The survey, conducted by Propeller Insights on behalf of Next Pathway, polled about 1,000 IT decision makers in North America at companies with 1,000 or more employees..."

CIODIVE, February 2nd, 2021
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Experts Predict Hot Trends In Cloud Architecture, Infrastructure
Top CTOs and analysts predict hyperscale architecture, hybrid cloud, IT as a service, containers and AI infrastructure will be hot trends for IT organizations in 2021
"Cloud architecture and infrastructure will be hot topics for IT organizations in 2021 as they ramp up their efforts to analyze and gain value from the mountains of data that continue to pile up," opines Carol Sliwa in SearchDataCenter.

"Some may follow the lead of the hyperscalers on cloud architecture. Others could escalate their hybrid cloud efforts or opt for on-premises IT as a service. Multi-cloud may make sense for some IT shops. AI, containers and composable infrastructure could be important for many as they try to take advantage of their data assets..."

SearchDataCenter, February 1st, 2021
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How A Multi-Cloud Strategy Can Simplify Your Path To The Cloud
Exploring the benefits of adopting a multi-cloud strategy
"This year marks my tenth anniversary at VMware," writes Herve Renault in "A lot can change in life, but it pales in comparison to how much technology has changed in a decade. When I first joined in 2010, the conversation around cloud computing was a simple one: public or private.

Over time, it evolved into a discussion around hybrid cloud, which focused on the idea that enterprises had to choose between an on-premises, public or private cloud environment. The notion that an enterprise could use a variety of different clouds was not even a consideration. In subsequent years we've seen how far from reality that was. As organizations have wrestled with combining their traditional application portfolios and creating cloud native apps, it's become clear that choosing the right cloud environment to support these cloud apps is critical to performance...", February 5th, 2021
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Top 11 Cloud Security Challenges And How To Combat Them
Before jumping feet-first into the cloud, understand the new and continuing top cloud security challenges your organization is likely to face -- and how to mitigate them.
"All the major promises of the cloud -- improved IT efficiency, flexibility and scalability -- come with one major challenge: security," notes Sharon Shea in SearchCloudSecurity.

"Many organizations can't delineate where cloud service provider (CSP) responsibilities end and their own responsibilities begin, opening them to numerous vulnerabilities. The increased expansiveness of the cloud also increases an organization's potential attack surface. To further complicate the matter, traditional security controls often don't fulfill cloud security needs..."

SearchCloudSecurity, February 2nd, 2021
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IT News - IoT
Remote Work Raises Threats From Consumer IoT Devices
With the rise of working from home, companies need to protect themselves against a wide range of consumer devices, including smart light bulbs
"Security researcher Andrei Costin started to work from home many years ago, and when it comes to security internet of things (IoT) devices, he had his fair share of eyebrow-raising moments. 'There were several instances where I had replaced my home routers because the vendor did not provide security fixes nor firmware updates,' Costin says, adding that current security practices are not keeping up with the changing landscape of working from home..." - CSO Online
CSO Online, February 2nd, 2021
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IT News - Careers
Being A Java Developer Is Currently The Most Sought-After Job In The US
However job satisfaction is an altogether different story in the UK
"A recent analysis of technology job roles has revealed that Java developers enjoy the highest levels of job satisfaction anywhere - leading to the role being the most sought-after position in any industry," reports Mayank Sharma in

"The latest figures from job review and analytics platform Glassdoor found that US-based Java developers gave the role a rating of 4.2 out of 5 in terms of job satisfaction on the platform.

This is despite the fact that a recent survey by GitHub saw Java slip behind JavaScript and Python in terms of popularity across development projects...", February 5th, 2021
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Digital Transformation: In-Demand Skills For 2021
If you're looking for a new career opportunity to enable digital transformation, consider this advice on skills and interviews
"As more companies undergo digital transformation," writes S.J. Raj in The Enterprisers Project, "in-demand IT roles are increasingly shifting to focus on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), data science, user experience, and the Internet of Things (IoT). And thanks to the workplace changes brought about by COVID-19, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and other areas of expertise are primed to be in high demand in 2021 and beyond..."
The Enterprisers Project, February 4th, 2021
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It Takes 61 Days To Fill A High-Demand Tech Role, Report Finds
Companies take 61 days on average to fill a tech role in high demand, compared to 42 days for a non-tech role, according to the iCIMS 2021 Workforce report
Roberto Torres writes in CIODIVE, "The study consulted 500 U.S.-based HR professionals between November and December of 2020.

Nearly three-quarters of companies readjusted the role or responsibility of up to half of their workforce in response to the pandemic. This change increased the demand for specialized talent, according to the report.

To attract the talent they require, half of companies say they've loosened or removed location requirements for posted roles. Another 53% of organizations are providing stipends or hiring bonuses for employees who want to set up a home office...

CIODIVE, February 4th, 2021
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IT News - Compliance
Sneaky Ways Websites Interfere With Your Privacy Online
Data-informed decisions keep the profits high while optimizing the costs of acquiring new customers, so almost every single online business wants to monitor what you do on the internet. This keeps their costs low while converting you to a paying customer.
"In the meantime, the monitoring has gone wild and governments reacted with more stringent data protection laws," opines Petar Todorovski in PrivacyAffairs.

"The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of the European Union is the world's most famous data protection law, mostly due to the hefty fines.

Despite being aware of the law and the risk of fines, though, websites keep tracking users' online behavior against the GDPR..."

PrivacyAffairs, February 4th, 2021
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IT News - Backup
Top 100 Cloud Backup Companies For February 2021
Leaders are Carbonite Safe, Arcserve, Databarracks and Asigra.
According to BackupReview, the top 100 online backup companies are grouped into 4 categories, namely:

1) Consumer - for the general consumers

2) Small Medium Business (SMB) - for SMBs

3) Enterprise - for large enterprise corporations

4) Enablers - for enablers, channel, white label companies

The ranking takes notably into consideration news releases companies publish in the preceding month, server stability, reports fro mystery shoppers own reviews, the company's culture and ethics, users' feedback, company corporate blogs, and more., February 4th, 2021
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IT News - Java
Oracle sweetens Java SE subscriptions with a spoonful of free 'GraalVM' runtime said to significantly speed Java
Pre-compilation tech means faster startup and lower memory overhead, to make Java cool for microservices
Simon Sharwood writes in The Register, "Oracle has sweetened its Java SE subscriptions by tossing in a free entitlement to use GraalVM, a new universal virtual machine that Big Red says runs just about anything faster, anywhere.

Reader: The Register confesses GraalVM had escaped our attention until today. The project's GitHub page tells us it's 'a universal virtual machine for running applications written in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, R, JVM-based languages like Java, Scala, Clojure, Kotlin, and LLVM-based languages such as C and C++'..."

The Register, February 4th, 2021
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