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Fiction vs. Reality: The True Potential Of AI
ITProPortal, January 1st, 2020
For successful AI adoption, a lot can be learned from consumer behaviour and understanding

"The roots of artificial intelligence (AI) in popular culture and science fiction run deep," writes Rachel Roumeliotis in ITProPortal.

"The concept has been used in films, television and books to cause panic and laughter or to highlight how the world might one day be overrun by technology. Unsurprisingly, such a framing of AI hasn't encouraged positive development of the technology and has by no means depicted it accurately. In fact, the proliferation of AI technology in popular culture has skewed public perception of the technology's applications and capabilities..."

2021: The Year AI Goes Mainstream
Datamation, December 31st, 2020
This decade will likely be thought of as the real launchpad of practical AI and, by the end of it, we'll be up to our necks in robots, automation, and ever more capable digital assistants

Rob Enderle writes in Datamation, "The pandemic has caused many trends to accelerate significantly during 2020 and some will remain with us for most of 2021. Of the things that the pandemic is accelerating, many of them have a lot to do with Artificial Intelligence. As we approach the end of the year, I thought it would be interesting to look ahead at the kind of changes to expect AI to influence as we continue to accelerate into what will be a vastly changed future..."

AI ML have shown early promise for automating high volume, simple questions typical in call centers and front-line IT and developer support

"AI chat-bots for customer support are getting a great deal of attention and VC investment in industries ranging from retail to financial services to internal employee help desks," reports Robin Purohit in AiTHORITY.

"These technologies have shown early promise for automating high volume, simple questions typical in call centers and front-line IT and developer support.

An important area that has been neglected is support for engineers and developers who are driving IT innovations in a high-paced world of technology change. AI and machine learning has high potential to transform today's community forums into highly effective expert systems ideally suited to the needs of these tech workers..."

The year 2020 was long and treacherous, but the biggest bright spot for me was the official launch of Neural. That's our AI sub-brand here at TNW and the section you're reading this article in

Notes Tristan Greene in The Next Web, "More specifically, Neural is me (Tristan Greene), Thomas Macaulay, Ivan Mehta, and the contributors and colleagues who help us put out fresh, original, exciting content in the world of machine learning every day.

It was a tough year to be a reporter but Thomas and Ivan managed to exceed our expectations at every turn with incredible insight and consistent excellence. With that in mind, I'm proud to present some of my favorite articles from Tom and Ivan this year..."

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