Wayback Wednesday: For My Next Trick ...
ComputerWorld, September 2nd, 2020
September 13, 2020,
Volume 270, Issue 2

I think I fulfilled all the requirements perfectly.

"Pilot fish is assigned to write a program to handle call center requests - everything from service scheduling and machine tracking to engineering change requests and design issues.

'Doing my best due diligence, I went from one department head to the next, pen and paper in hand, and asked each one for specific ideas of what they wanted,' says fish. 'Each of them responded the same: 'I don't know. Put something together and then we'll tweak it.''

Undaunted, fish goes to potential users in each department, asking for input. But it's the same story: 'Put something together and we'll figure it out from there'..." - ComputerWorld

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