Why Digital Transformation Remains Your Best Chance To Survive The COVID-19 Onslaught
Business 2 Community, August 31st, 2020
September 13, 2020,
Volume 270, Issue 2

As businesses face a never foreseen or imagined, straight out of a dystopian pandemic fiction situation, where sustenance is all that matters - digital transformation is providing them the means to weather the storm

Shashin Shah writes in Business 2 Community, "Those who embraced it in the past years seem to be winning the war against COVID-19 without fighting, and those who haven't are fighting without winning.

A recent poll by Gartner has revealed that plans of nearly 60% CFOs factor in a scenario that includes a second wave of the pandemic.

Going forward, procrastinating agile working won't be a choice, and making decisions on impulses instead of real data analysis won't be less then hara-kiri. Isolated teams, overdependence on legacy technologies and processes, siloed data must give way to transformation in operations, experiences, and tech ecosystems. The only way to deal with this massive disruption is by adopting cost-efficient digitalization strategies and focusing on delivering uninterrupted value to customers.

A digital-first approach focussed at achieving nimbleness, developing lean operations, exploiting technology to your best advantage, and freeing up your people for more analytically inclined, complex tasks-remains at the heart of this change..."

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