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It's now 12 weeks since the UK was told - "Unless you are a critical key worker, you must work from home"

Rufus Grig writes in ITProPortal, "It is now 12 weeks since the UK workforce was told in no uncertain terms - 'Unless you are a critical key worker, you must work from home'. That was the catalyst for the most seismic change in working patterns in modern times - according to the Office for National Statistics - the proportion of the workforce that were regularly working from home went from just over 5 per cent in 2019, to 48 per cent according to the Business Impact of Coronavirus (BICS) survey carried out in early April..."

Quick Base has never had its own Chief Information Officer (CIO) before, so my role is unique.

Sudipto Ghosh interviews Deb Gildersleeve in AiTHORITY:

"So, now I have the opportunity to blaze my own path, and what I'm most excited about is the opportunity to define the position in a way that's different compared to your typical CIO job.

Quick Base is in the business of solving problems, not just setting up systems. And, while I'll of course oversee our own systems and technology, equally important is my role working with other organizations and customers to champion business-IT collaboration.

My goal is to lead other CIOs by example, demonstrating how rapid-cycle innovation can happen when you empower business-IT collaboration and foster trust..."

Over the last four years, Liberty Mutual has seen major process improvements and substantial cost savings by adopting serverless computing strategies

"With a large IT infrastructure that's still being transitioned to the cloud, global insurance giant Liberty Mutual had a conundrum," reports Todd R. Weiss in TechRepublic. "Like many other companies, it's IT staff was kept so busy running the infrastructure that they didn't always have the time to focus on software and process projects that could directly streamline and improve the company's workflows.

But, that's been changing over the last four years as Liberty Mutual began adopting serverless computing, which leaves the infrastructure management to cloud vendors, giving IT staffers much more time for creativity in building applications for the company's employees..."

Digital Transformation: 5 Ways To Speed Up
The Enterprisers Project, July 13th, 2020
IT leaders share innovative advice on how to streamline and speed up your digital transformation efforts during stressful times

"Even as businesses around the globe continue to reel from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many forward-thinking IT leaders are using the disruption as an opportunity to advance their digital transformation plans," opines Florence Lowe in The Enterprisers Project.

"I asked some of the most innovative leaders at the SaaS companies we work with to share their best practices. Digital transformation is not just a strategy for this group - they live and breathe it every day. They were already executing at world-class levels before the pandemic hit, and they found an extra gear this year..."

A new report from Forrester has cited five trends caused by the pandemic that are set to change business and technology over the next decade

Aaron Hurst writes in Information Age, "The new report from Forrester reveals the short, medium and long term impacts that the five trends are set to make within business and technology over the next ten years, despite the installation of updated healthcare practices and pandemic management protocols (PMPs)..."

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