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Find out what vendors are doing to address the storage software bottleneck problem to enable users to extract the full performance potential of the media in their data centers

"Storage systems no longer live up to their full potential. Proving this statement requires a little math," writes George Crump in SearchStorage.

"If you add up the raw performance of each drive in an all-flash array and compare it to the stated performance of that array, you will find a significant difference. The math suggests the all-flash system should be able to generate millions of IOPS, yet most can't create more than a few hundred thousand.

Understanding the reason for the performance gap requires understanding storage systems architecture..."

We look at crash-consistent and application-consistent snapshots and backup, how they are defined, the pros and cons of each and the benefits and limits of Windows VSS

"When it comes to snapshots and backups, it is important to understand and specify whether to take application-consistent or crash-consistent copies," notes Antony Adshead in ComputerWeekly.

"Why does it matter? Because either crash-consistent or application-consistent copies might be just fine for your workloads - or they may not. There are important differences.

A crash-consistent copy is analogous to the state of data at the point at which hardware crashed or the power went down..."

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