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Communications giant Verizon shares its insights on the potential technology drivers that may reshape industries this year

"The prospects may be increasing this year for organizations to see greater returns on their technology investments and transformation efforts," writes Joao-Pierre S. Ruth in InformationWeek.

"Verizon put together a perspective on trends in enterprise IT transformation it foresees may take hold in 2020. One of the central sentiments expressed by the communications provider is that organizations that focus on chasing efficiency but eschew innovation risk being left behind as other companies embrace new possibilities..."

The Future Of The CISO
Forrester, January 31st, 2020
Six Types Of Security Leaders

"When starting a project like 'The Future Of The CISO' report, it's a daunting exercise," writes Jeff Pollard in Forrester. "While we don't always share the background inspiration for our research, this time it's quite important and will shed some light on how we arrived here.

When we started planning this research in 2018 and working on it in 2019, we thought about how we could help CISOs place themselves in the best situations possible. The role's matured and more opportunities exist than ever before, so how does a security leader know if they are in the right place?..."

7 IT Restructuring Mistakes To Avoid
CIO, January 27th, 2020
To tackle digital initiatives, IT leaders are having to rethink and reorganize how work gets done. But driving change is about much more than just overhauling org charts and business processes

"How IT operates is changing constantly and rapidly," opines Mary K. Pratt in CIO. "As more tech departments lead digital transformation initiatives, finding the right, new way for IT work to get done is a core, though often overlooked issue.

Such forces, combined with conventional drivers such as mergers and acquisitions and cost-cutting exercises, have many CIOs restructuring their teams while supporting broader enterprise-wide reorganizations..."

7 Digital Transformation Myths
CIO, January 29th, 2020
A successful digital transformation can help you outpace competitive threats. But these conventional beliefs can cause your efforts to fall short

"The pace of change in business is forcing many companies to transform, often enabled by technology," opines Khalid Kark in CIO. "This is variously termed digital transformation or tech-enabled business transformation, but regardless of label, technology leaders are at the center.

Preliminary data from Deloitte's 2020 global tech leadership survey shows 79 percent of organizations globally are engaged in a digital transformation effort, with nearly half (45 percent) of transformations undertaken as a reactive response to imminent market threats..."

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