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Top Machine Learning Services In The Cloud
datanami, January 29th, 2020
These top machine learning services in the cloud enable companies to better analyze data and derive new insights

"Accessing these service via the cloud tends to be efficient in terms of cost and staff hours," writes Sean Michael Kerner in datanami.

"Machine Learning services in the cloud are a critical area of the modern computing landscape, providing a way for organizations to better analyze data and derive new insights. Accessing these service via the cloud tends to be efficient in terms of cost and staff hours..."

The Next Generation Of AI: Explainable AI
datanami, January 29th, 2020
For most businesses, decisions - from creating marketing taglines to which merger or acquisition to approve - are made solely by humans using instinct, expertise, and understanding built through years of experience

"These decisions were invariably susceptible to the nuances of human nature: decisions included bias, stereotypes and inconsistent influences," writes Anusha Sethuraman in datanami.

"And while humans eventually shifted into considering data, the human brain can't process it in large amounts. Humans naturally prefer summarized content when making decisions. Unfortunately, these summaries don't always include relevant data and details, and some are still marred with bias..."

With all of the hype around AI and machine learning come many factual inaccuracies. Let's separate the truth from the fiction

Andy Patrizio writes in Inforworld, "Computer sentience has been fodder for Hollywood for decades. Usually it's for the bad, whether it's HAL in '2001: A Space Odyssey' or the T-800 in 'Terminator.' Occasionally it's been thoughtful, like Project 2501 in 'Ghost in the Shell.' Whatever the plot, few themes elicit such fear and loathing as the robot armies and superintelligent computers we get from movies and TV.

The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning over the last few years has not helped, and even people who should know better are giving in to fear. The fact is, much of the fear around AI comes from overactive imaginations that machines will mimic our own bad behavior..."

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