HDD vs. SSD storage in the Age of Flash
SearchStorage, January 23rd, 2020
February 2, 2020,
Volume 262, Issue 5

HDDs continue to play a key role in the data center, even as SSD capacities increase and prices fall. See how HDDs and SSDs stack up in terms of price, capacity and use cases

Kurt Marko writes in SearchStorage, "Calling the HDD market mature is as understated as describing Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos as "well off." The storage industry has been in the latter stages of a long-term transition from magnetic to solid-state storage, with shipments of HDDs peaking a decade ago. However, HDD vs. SSD storage unit sales don't tell the whole story, because overall bytes shipped have continued an upward march during this same time period.

Nevertheless, as SSD capacities have increased and prices declined, demand has shifted from HDD to SSD storage with I/O-intensive enterprise workloads, such as databases, the first to transition and client devices following as users shifted to laptops and tablets. The trend accelerates with every generation of SSD technology, with recent estimates showing only about 20% of enterprise HDD shipments going to mission-critical applications..."

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