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Learn about the latest trends in enterprise drives, how high-performance devices figure in and the effect of advances in the underlying NAND flash technology

Kurt Marko writes in SearchStorage, "Solid-state drives have mostly replaced magnetic hard disks for enterprise application workloads and are an increasingly viable option for bulk data storage. While the total number of HDDs shipped continues to outpace SDDs, the crossover in units shipped will happen in the next year or two.."

The 2010s saw massive changes in data storage. But the storing '20s will dwarf that. Here are the three biggest trends that will remake storage in the next decade

"I've been watching storage for some 40 years," writes Robin Harris in ZDNet, "And each decade has seen accelerating change, and none more so than the the past 10 years. That trend will continue. Here's the biggest trends I expect to affect all who use storage, whether they know it or not..."

2019 enterprise data storage mergers and acquisitions often included a cloud angle, followed by data protection, NVMe flash and scale-out file storage

"Most of the enterprise storage-related mergers and acquisitions that happened or closed in 2019 had a cloud twist," notes Carol Sliwa in SearchStorage.

"Take IBM's $34 billion blockbuster acquisition of Red Hat. That was about "resetting the hybrid cloud landscape" with access to the 'world's largest open source community,' IBM CEO Ginni Rometty said in October 2018 of the proposed deal. The acquisition closed in July 2019..."

The top 100 online backup companies are grouped into 4 categories, namely...

"The top 100 online backup companies are grouped into 4 categories, namely:

1) Consumer - for the general consumers

2) Small Medium Business (SMB) - for SMBs

3) Enterprise - for large enterprise corporations

4) Enablers - for enablers, channel, white label companies

The top 100 Online Backup Companies, according to Backup Review, are determined mainly based on these criteria outlined in this article: How Do I Choose the Best Online Backup Provider?"

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