What Lies Ahead For CRM?
Destination CRM, January 10th, 2020
January 10, 2020,
Volume 262, Issue 2

For the past few years, CRM analysts, consultants, system integrators, and vendors have been touting artificial intelligence and related technologies for their potential to reshape how marketers, sellers, and customer service personnel do their jobs

"Every year we hear countless predictions that this will be the year that AI takes over. Well, it looks like that notion is finally gaining steam and might happen in 2020, as reflected in the thoughts of industry insiders this year. Read on for more of what your peers are thinking.


'In the past, marketers have been focused on vanity metrics like clicks, but what they want now is to drive conversions. The power of artificial intelligence- and machine learning-assisted customer intelligence will play a much larger role for marketers and deliver on actual conversions' - JAMES MCDERMOTT, CEO OF LYTICS ..."

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