The Four Workhorses Of The Data Apocalypse
The Next Platform, November 18th, 2019
December 1, 2019,
Volume 260, Issue 4

The days when the X86 processor could do just about every kind of processing in the datacenter are gone

"It's hard to believe it is true, but one need only look at the rapidly expanding line of compute engines from Intel over the past few years to know that it is true," opines Timothy Prickett Morgan in The Next Platform.

"The end of Dennard Scaling (making clocks faster in the same power budget, thus boosting performance, thanks to voltage and current scaling downwards as transistors shrink) and the slowdown in Moore's Law (doubling the transistors on and therefore halving the cost of processors every two years or so) are upon us. And just as the amount of data everyone wants to chew on for some kind of monetary gain or scientific advance (they are really the same thing) is growing at a horrendous pace..."

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