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Decide Between SAN vs. Hyper-Converged For Your Virtual Storage
SearchServerVirtualization, November 20th, 2019
Shared storage provides admins with virtual storage benefits such as storage migration, high availability and redundancy. But the right storage option depends on cost and performance

"There is a large array of virtual storage options available to IT administrators, and choosing the right option comes down to functionality vs. costs," suggests Stuart Burns in SearchServerVirtualization.

"Many admins rely on shared storage, a key component of most production-grade virtual environments.

Shared storage ensures that the elements that make virtualization a great tool -- such as storage migration, high availability and redundancy -- remain available. Shared storage comes in several formats, the two main varieties being classic storage area network (SAN) and hyper-converged storage..."

5 Disruptive Storage Technologies For 2020
Networkworld, November 18th, 2019
Leading-edge technologies, including NVMe, storage class memory, and intent-based storage management, promise to change the way IT organizations store, manage and use data

John Edwards writes in Networkworld, "For decades, storage technology progress was measured primarily in terms of capacity and speed. No longer. In recent times, those steadfast benchmarks have been augmented, and even superseded, by sophisticated new technologies and methodologies that make storage smarter, more flexible and easier to manage..."

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