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A Real Light Bulb Moment
ComputerWorld, November 20th, 2019
Watt's it all about?

"It's the mid '70s this pilot fish is operating on IBM 370s for a financial clearinghouse in London, where Good Friday and Easter Monday are bank holidays. The systems use a CICS system logging to 3420 tape drives, the ones with the twin vacuum chambers, and when one drive on the backup system refuses to load tapes, Fish volunteers to come in with the engineers on Good Friday to work on it..." - ComputerWorld

It's just her way of saying thanks.

"It's several years ago during a major virus outbreak - if you know your history of computer viruses, you can narrow it down - and a user at a remote site calls this pilot fish to complain that her computer won't let her get any work done..." - ComputerWorld

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