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IT News - CxO
Why Cyber-Risk Is A C-Suite Issue
Organizations realize the scale of cyber-risk but lack counter-actions to build resilience
Marc Wilczek writes in Dark Reading, "In a global study of more than 2,200 organizations across 22 different countries, NTT Security's 2019 Risk:Value research found that cyberattacks (43%), data loss or theft (37%), and attacks on critical infrastructure (35%) - aimed particularly at telecoms and energy networks - concern respondents the most. The survey respondents figured these threats would present a greater risk to their organization over the next 12 months than trade barriers and other critical global issues such as the environment, terrorism, and government failures..."
Dark Reading, November 12th, 2019
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4 Top Trends Shaping Information Management
Before I get into the prevalent trends shaping information management, I would like to first clearly explain what IM is exactly and how it differentiates from data management
Harsh Arora writes in Information Management, "Information management is a program that manages the processes, people and technology in an organization to understand the structure, process and usage of information for management and business intelligence purposes.

On the other hand, data management is a subset of information management. It is the process of obtaining, managing, transforming, sharing, documenting and preserving data..."

Information Management, November 11th, 2019
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10 Reasons IT Leaders Fail At Innovation
Tech leaders have been given an innovation mandate, but many still struggle to build a robust innovation capability. What's holding them back?
Khalid Kark notes in CIO, "Innovation is an important driver of growth, and many technology leaders aspire to build capabilities that can deliver sustained innovation. But they have a steep hill to climb: A quarter of CIOs who participated in Deloitte's most recent global CIO survey say their innovation capabilities are nonexistent. Only 11 percent assessed their current innovation capabilities as excellent or leading..."
CIO, November 15th, 2019
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The Chief Data Officer: The CIO's Newest Ally
As organizations shift to data-driven strategies, the CDO role is rising. But to succeed as an entity, the CIO and CDO must work in concert - with clear delineations in responsibilities
"Jim Tyo, chief data officer at Nationwide Insurance, has a crystal-clear vision of his role: to help the company optimize the use of its data," writes Mary K. Pratt in CIO.

"Tyo has 80 associates in the company's Enterprise Data Office to help achieve that mission, with another 40 contactors rounding out the data team.

Yet Tyo is equally clear that his office needs to be well integrated with IT to succeed..."

CIO, November 11th, 2019
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5 Cybersecurity CISO Priorities For The Future
Seven chief information security officers share their pain points and two-year spending plans
"Many chief information security officers view their responsibilities through the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) model of Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover," notes Paul Shomo in InformationWeek.

"There's been a focus on detecting and responding to endpoint threats over the past few years, yet new priorities are arising: migration to the cloud, new heterogeneous devices, and custom applications, all of which have greatly expanded attack surfaces..."

InformationWeek, November 14th, 2019
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IT News - MFA
The Myths Of Multifactor Authentication
Organizations without MFA are wide open to attack when employees fall for phishing scams or share passwords. What's holding them back?
"Compromised credentials are a huge threat to companies today. Why?" asks Francois Amigorena in Dark Reading.

"The attacker is actually using valid (that is, stolen but valid) credentials, so why would your antivirus, firewall, and other technologies you might have in place flag anything unusual? Your tools assume people accessing your network are who they say they are..."

Dark Reading, November 12th, 2019
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Bankers, Here Are Nine Things Hackers Hope You Never Learn
In my role as an advisor to financial institutions on mobile biometric authentication, I meet bankers from all over the world
Alessandro Chiarini writes in Fortress Identity, "Most are technologically literate and leverage technology effectively in their operations, marketing, sales, communications, etc. However, many share a blind spot when it comes to their vulnerability to internal and external threats. They are insufficiently aware of:

  • The scale and nature of the dangers they face, internally as well as externally.
  • The latest security solutions available to financial institutions.
  • The ease and economy with which voice biometric authentication can be implemented for mobile devices.

Below, I list nine things all bankers should know about protecting themselves. My goal is motivate you to avoid the half-measure security that criminals now exploit so easily. It's time to turn your institution into a biometric fortress. The tools and expertise you need to accomplish this are ready right now..."

Fortress Identity, November 11th, 2019
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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Password Manager
Whether for personal use or for business purposes, password managers can help keep your credentials secure and prevent sensitive information from being leaked
"This holds especially true for businesses that want to keep network security in top shape, and password managers can help to ensure that poor user management will not result in detrimental effects for their information. Here are the top 7 reasons why password managers should be a part of every business plan.

1. Employees do not use strong passwords. The majority of people have a few simplified passwords that they use across all the accounts that they have, both personal and for business purposes. They make these easy to remember and that means easy to guess, which is a dangerous habit. A strong password is considered to be at least 12 characters long and containing a combination of numbers and symbols, and a combination of capitalized and lowercase letters. Luckily, password managers auto generate secure passwords for each individual account and store them securely in the manager..." - Fortress Identity

Fortress Identity, November 11th, 2019
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IT News - Storage
CQ3 2019 Hard Disk Drive Results
Here are some results reported in our latest Digital Storage Technology Newsletter
Tom Coughlin reports in Forbes, "Total HDD shipments in CQ3 2019 were up 5.8% from CQ2 2019 (83.1 M units in CQ3 2019 versus 78.5 M units in CQ2 2019) compared with up 1.0% in CQ2 2019 from CQ1 2019, down 11.4% in CQ1 2019 versus CQ4 2018, down 9.7 % in CQ4 2018 compared with CQ3 2018.

Note that Seagate and Western Digital have both changed their release of HDD shipments making it more difficult to figure out their actual unit shipments. WD started with their CQ3 2018 announcements while Seagate starting doing this in CQ1 2017. This has made it more difficult to report actual shipments of various categories of HDDs. Thus, the numbers reported here are our best guess estimates..."

Forbes, November 14th, 2019
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Datacenters Flush With All-Flash Storage
Storage based on all-flash NVM Express arrays is gaining a foothold in enterprise datacenters even as the overall server storage market stumbles
"The datacenter storage market is in the midst of a hangover following a big 2018," notes George Leopold in EnterpriseAI.

"IHS Markit reports that global server storage revenue declined 4 percent year-on-year during the second quarter, with unit shipments dropping 10 percent. Overall, the server storage market is expected to contract by 1.5 percent in 2019.

At the same time, the all-flash storage array sector rose a healthy 21 percent over the same quarter last year - despite a second-quarter revenue dip of 1.7 percent. The flash market is being driven in part by a what the analyst defines as 'performance-optimized' storage arrays based on flash NVMe drives..."

EnterpriseAI, November 11th, 2019
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IT News - Technology
SHAKEN/STIR: Finally! A Solution to Caller ID Spoofing?
The ubiquitous Caller ID hasn't changed much over the years, but the technology to exploit it has exploded. That may be about to change
"Fraud and abuse in the form of robocalling, and more specifically illegally spoofed calling, is the No. 1 consumer complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)," notes Mark B. Cooper in Dark Reading.

"Robocalls make up nearly half of all phone calls, so frustrated consumers simply don't answer incoming calls and businesses can't get through to customers when they need to reach them..."

Dark Reading, November 12th, 2019
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IT News - Blockchain
Early Lessons On Blockchain: Companies A Long Way From Widespread Adoption
Though most blockchain adoption cases at an enterprise level are still in the early stage, there's lessons to be gleaned from their experiences
Roberto Torres writes in CIODive, "In South Korea, a credit card company uses blockchain technology to let its staff and customer base - 23 million altogether - sign on easily and securely to its platform.

Another company, which offers a rewards program for customers, also leverages blockchain to ensure its 9 million daily users can access services.

Powering both platforms is Seongnam, South Korea-based blockchain company Blocko. Both clients saw value in a blockchain solution because it fit the use case, according to Jae Shin, chief marketing officer at Blocko..."

CIODive, November 13th, 2019
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IT News - PM
The 22 Best Project Management Tools For Business
Having the right set of tools to tackle analytics, requirements, change, and project progress will help project managers perform at their best
"Top-level project managers are in high demand, thanks to the high-level leadership, knowledge, and capabilities they bring to business projects," opines Moira Alexander in CIO.

"But having the right set of tools is also essential to project management success.

Project management tools and templates not only increase team productivity and effectiveness but also prepare the organization for changes brought about by high-impact projects. To perform at their best, project managers need to make the most of tools aimed at business intelligence and analytics, business requirements, change management and project management, as well as a wide array of forms and templates..."

CIO, November 14th, 2019
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IT News - Operations
12 Tips For Dealing With A Manipulative Security Manager
Don't let yourself be stuck in an unhealthy work environment with a toxic manager who takes advantage of your talent
"In my experience," writes Joshua Goldfarb in Dark Reading, "top security performers love nothing more than to solve problems and improve the state of security where they work. These star professionals give much of themselves to any organization to which they belong. There are good managers who treat this type of exemplary employee in a healthy, constructive manner. There are also more than a few bad managers who use a variety of manipulative techniques to put problem solvers down..."
Dark Reading, November 15th, 2019
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IT News - Database
How To Choose A Database For Your Application
From performance to programmability, the right database makes all the difference. Here are 12 key questions to help guide your selection
"Picking the 'right' database can often be critical to the success of an application," notes Martin Heller in InfoWorld.

"Rather than taking the advice of vendors or using a database because you already happen to have it, it's useful to consider the fundamental purpose and requirements of the data store.

These are the most important questions to ask when you are picking a database:..."

InfoWorld, November 11th, 2019
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IT News - Server
Converged vs. Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Requirements
Companies considering convergence should compare the features, benefits and limitations of CI and HCI, and look at which workloads drive organizations to data center convergence
"Converged vs. hyper-converged infrastructure: That's the decision many IT leaders make as they look for ways to reduce the cost and complexity of optimizing and maintaining their data centers," writes James Alan Miller in SearchConvergedInfrastructure.

"Traditional data centers are often composed of components sourced from a wide variety vendors, which can create deployment, management, support and compatibility issues. But with converged infrastructure (CI), organizations get a standardized, prequalified, turnkey, rack-based appliance packaged and sold by a single vendor..."

SearchConvergedInfrastructure, November 13th, 2019
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IT News - DevOps
How DevOps Is Driving The Demand For Cross-Platform Tools
The demands of modern business mean companies today want choice when it comes to the technology they deploy
"Gone are the days when they rigidly used a single environment-instead they want to be able to use the best of technology from vendors and be sure it will work across environments seamlessly," notes Matt Hilbert in

"Whether it's on-premises or the cloud, Linux or Windows, SQL Server or Oracle databases or even at the development tool level, they want their people to be able to use the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) they're most at home with, yet still be able to share third party tools and resources. This requirement for greater choice is being driven by three key factors...", November 15th, 2019
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IT News - Cloud
Why Ocean Spray's CTO Hit Pause On Cloud Migration
Jamie Head expected things to break technologically. His job was to make sure the rest of the business understood that, too
"In his first year at Ocean Spray, Jamie Head is taking the cranberry co-op from the bog to the cloud," writes Samantha Ann Schwartz in CIODive.

"Ocean Spray named Head CIO in July 2018 and he has since laid the organizational groundwork the co-op needed for innovation for the next two or three years. He wanted to bring Ocean Spray's IT out of the backoffice.

Now, equipped with a title change - chief technology and digital officer - Head wants to take risks..."

CIODive, November 13th, 2019
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Taking Responsibility For Security In The Cloud
From accidental leaks to full-on data breaches, maintaining security across cloud services is becoming a headache for enterprises
"What questions should organisations be asking of their cloud service provider and, ultimately, whose responsibility is cloud security anyway?" asks Peter Ray Allison in ComputerWeekly.

"With the increasing prevalence of cloud services, as well as the growing threat of data breaches, organisations are becoming more aware of the risks associated with poor security infrastructure. However, these threats can be mitigated by having the appropriate security protocols in place, through negotiations with the cloud provider and utilising a cloud access security broker (CASB)..."

ComputerWeekly, November 12th, 2019
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IT Professionals Deem Hybrid Cloud As Most Secure
Enterprises plan to aggressively shift investment to hybrid cloud architectures, with respondents reporting steady and substantial hybrid deployment plans over the next five years, according to a Nutanix survey
"The vast majority of 2019 survey respondents (85%) selected hybrid cloud as their ideal IT operating model.

Vanson Bourne surveyed 2,650 IT decision-makers in 24 countries around the world about where they're running their business applications today, where they plan to run them in the future, what their cloud challenges are, and how their cloud initiatives stack up against other IT projects and priorities..." - HelpNet Security

HelpNet Security, November 15th, 2019
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IT News - Networks
The Top 10 Network Security Best Practices To Implement Today
Even as security techniques improve, attackers are becoming more adept. Learn about 10 network security best practices and how they can keep your network secure
Amy Larsen DeCarlo writes in SearchNetworking, "Security response technologies are improving, thanks in part to innovations in areas such as machine learning and automation. However, cybercriminals are equally adept at exploiting technical advances for their own interests. This makes it crucial for enterprises to have all their bases covered with best practices to ensure they have the appropriate policies, methodologies and procedures in place to maintain a strong defense against threats..."
SearchNetworking, November 15th, 2019
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IT News - Backup
8 Backup & Recovery Questions To Ask Yourself
Don't wait until after a disaster, DDoS, or ransomware attack to learn just how good your backups really are
Sara Peters writes in Information Week, "They're the first questions you might be asked in the heat of a disaster, DDoS, or ransomware attack: How soon before we're back up? How good are our backups? Have the wrong answer to those questions, and it will feel like getting kicked while you're down.

Good backups are essential to business continuity, but how do you know yours are 'good'? And how do you know they'll be ready when you need them? Start by finding answers to the following eight questions..."

Information Week, November 14th, 2019
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IT News - Big Data
10 Data And Analytics Trends For 2020
Data and analytics are permeating all parts of the digital enterprise. Here are the trends you need to watch in the years ahead
Jessica Davis writes in InformationWeek, "Data and analytics have gained traction in organizations, driven by the promise of big data a few years ago and the potential of machine learning and other types of artificial intelligence more recently. Even as many enterprises seemed to be stalled in their production AI plans, they are still making those plans, and know they are crucial for success in the years to come..."
InformationWeek, November 12th, 2019
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TOP 10 insideBIGDATA Articles for October 2019
In this continuing regular feature, we give all our valued readers a monthly heads-up for the top 10 most viewed articles appearing on insideBIGDATA
Daniel Gutierrez writes in insideBIGDATA, "We've heard from many of our followers that this feature will enable them to catch up with important news and features flowing across our many channels. We're happy to oblige! We understand that busy big data professionals can't check the site everyday..."
insideBIGDATA, November 12th, 2019
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IT News - Encryption
Don't Rush Quantum-Proof Encryption, Warns NSA Research Director
Quantum computers could crack the codes that secure the world's digital information
"Racing to a solution could create more threats, according to Dr. Deborah Frincke," writes Jack Corrigan in Nextgov.

"In 1994, an American mathematician named Peter Shor discovered a way to crack the codes that banks, e-commerce platforms and intelligence agencies use to secure their digital information. His technique, dubbed Shor's algorithm, drastically shortened the time it took to find the prime numbers that underlie public-key cryptography, making codes that typically take thousands of years to break solvable in a matter of months.

But there was a catch: Shor's algorithm could only run on a quantum computer, and those didn't exist yet..."

Nextgov, November 15th, 2019
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