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A Disaster Recovery Testing Strategy is Key to Successful DR
SearchDisasterRecovery, October 24th, 2019
The only way to know for sure that your disaster recovery plan will work is to test it. When disaster strikes, ensure that your plan isn't a dud with frequent testing

"With so much emphasis placed on building out a disaster recovery plan, organizations often forget that they need to assess even the most detailed plans to ensure that everything will work. Without a disaster recovery testing strategy, there is no guarantee that all of your planning will be worth it in the end," warns Nick Cavalancia in SearchDisasterRecovery.

"It's a common tale: An organization needs to plan what steps to take when a disaster -- of varying types, scopes and levels of impact -- strikes. Typically, an organization puts quite a bit of effort into conducting a business impact analysis and a risk assessment, and then creating the plan itself..."

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