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5 Cloud Security Basics and Best Practices
CSO Online, October 24th, 2019
Companies that move to the cloud have to assume new responsibilities, develop new skill sets and implement new processes. The first step to better cloud security is to assume you have no security

"Cloud computing has transformed the way businesses work and continues to disrupt traditional business models," opines Michelle Drolet in CSO Online.

"IDC predicts that by 2023 public cloud spending will more than double, growing from $229 billion this year to nearly $500 billion.

It's no secret that migrating to the cloud can deliver significant cost and efficiency gains. You can spin up cloud instances in minutes and can scale up or scale down resources as needed. At the same time, you only pay for what you use while avoiding high upfront hardware costs and maintenance..."

Cloud Adoption a Catalyst for IT Modernization in Many Orgs
SearchWindowsServer, October 21st, 2019
Sloppy and insecure IT procedures that had been overlooked before the cloud arrived must evolve with the times to prevent data exposure and system breaches

"One of the biggest changes for administrators in recent years is the cloud. Its presence requires administrators to migrate from their on-premises way of thinking," opines Adam Fowler in SearchWindowsServer.

"The problem isn't the cloud. After all, there should be less work if someone else looks after the server for you. The arrival of the cloud has brought to light some of the industry's outdated methodologies, which is prompting this IT modernization movement. Practices in many IT shops were not as rigid or regimented before the cloud came along because external access was limited..."

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