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Master Of Disguise
ComputerWorld, October 14th, 2019
That was quite a display

"It's about 20 years ago, and this pilot fish travels around the U.S. demonstrating his company's network computer at trade shows.

'The device,' says fish, 'was basically a dumb terminal connected to a PC server instead of a mainframe, and therefore capable of serving up Windows and web applications. Since the product was small and easy to miss, I would always attach an impressive 17-inch LCD flat-screen monitor that retailed for $2,000.'

In 1998, most people have never seen a flat-screen monitor..." - ComputerWorld

But we bet they'll find a way to get that 8 cents back

"It's the mid-1980s, and this pilot fish is working on a project to convert his company's payroll system from one proprietary mainframe to a newer model.

'After converting the system, we did parallel runs for the same week between old and new hardware,' says fish.

And lo and behold, the newer hardware comes up with a total payroll that's 8 cents less than the run on the old hardware..." - ComputerWorld

Very Interesting
ComputerWorld, October 14th, 2019
Software takes everything so literally

"One day, back in the '80s, all the ATMs at the bank where pilot fish works suddenly refuse to dispense cash. Customers get a cryptic message about the system not being able to process requests..." - ComputerWorld

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