Bringing Together Deep Bioscience and AI to Help Patients Worldwide: Novartis and Microsoft Work to Reinvent Treatment Discovery and Development
Oracle News, October 1st, 2019
October 1, 2019,
Volume 259, Issue 1

In the world of commercial research and science, there's probably no undertaking more daunting - or more expensive - than the process of bringing a new medicine to marke

"For a new compound to make it from initial discovery through development, testing and clinical trials to finally earn regulatory approval can take a decade or more. Nine out of 10 promising drug candidates fail somewhere along the way. As a result, on average, it costs life sciences companies $2.6 billion to introduce a single new prescription drug.

This is much more than just a challenge for life sciences companies. Streamlining drug development is an urgent issue for human health more broadly. From uncovering new ways to treat age-old sicknesses like malaria that still kills hundreds of thousands of people every year, to finding new cancer treatments, or developing new vaccines to prevent highly-contagious diseases from turning into global pandemics, the impact in terms of lives saved worldwide would be enormous if we could make inventing new medicines faster..."

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