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We run the rule over on-premise object storage, key use cases and suppliers, take a closer look at an organisation that has deployed object storage, plus cloud compatibility

"Object storage is the bedrock of cloud computing services," notes Stephen Pritchard in ComputerWeekly.

"It's the basis for services such as Dropbox, Facebook's file system, and is the foundation of Amazon's S3 cloud storage; arguably the largest storage system in the world.

Object technology is usually associated with solving the specific challenges of massive public clouds: Petabyte-scale data volumes, highly distributed systems and long-term data retention..."

AI and deep learning apps use large data sets and fast I/O. But storage can cause performance issues. See what features your AI and deep learning storage systems should have.

Kurt Marko writes in Search Storage, "The resurrection of AI at the hands of machine learning and deep learning has engendered an explosion of research and product development as businesses discover creative ways to use these new algorithms for process automation and predictive insights. The nature of machine learning and deep learning models, the latter of which often emulate the brain's neural structure and connectivity, requires the acquisition, preparation, movement and processing of massive data sets..."

Enterprise SSD Debug And Failure Analysis
Storage Newsletter, August 29th, 2019
What is so specific about enterprise SSD failure analysis?

"As a first item I'm highlighting Platform Diversity," writes Andrei Konan in Storage Newsletter.

"Enterprise storage server can be very complex construction just in terms of SSD connection. Like motherboard, next PCIe switch, next cables, enclosures, adapters and finally SSD. And I'm not even saying about software stack complexity on the host side. All this adds a lot of unknown variables during failure analysis. Issue can simply come from the one of the components in this long chain or SSD itself. You need to triage and confirm..."

5 Ways NVMe Storage Benefits Your Business
SearchStorage, August 26th, 2019
Increased performance and reduced latency aren't the only benefits of NVMe flash storage. Find out other advantages, such as allowing more VMs on a physical server

Stacey Peterson writes in SearchStorage, "NVMe started out as a host controller interface designed to quickly transfer data between a host computer and a target SSD using a PCIe bus. The goal was to cut latency, improve performance, provide parallel I/O and maybe even reduce power consumption, among other NVMe storage benefits. But the technology has evolved into much more..."

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