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A Knotty Solution
ComputerWorld, August 28th, 2019
It's easier than installing tiny speed bumps inside the power cords.

"It's the late 1970s and pilot fish (who swears this tale is true) is working as an IBM customer engineer. No, fish explains, CEs didn't design customers; they fixed typewriters.

As a new graduate of the company's three-month training program, fish is assigned to accompany a senior CE to learn the ropes before being given a territory of his own. Many of the calls involve cleaning IBM Selectrics, which would slow down as their almost entirely mechanical workings became gummy with age. (Despite their name, there are only three electrical components to a Selectric typewriter: the motor, the on/off switch and the power cord.)..."

Party Like It's 1999
Computerworld, August 26th, 2019
You and I have very different ideas of what teamwork means.

"The tale told here revolves around Y2K remediation efforts, but don't think about it as dated and irrelevant to you in 2019; think of it as a timeless tale of managerial perfidy.

It's early November 1999, and sysadmin pilot fish is among those pulled into a big meeting where the division chiefs want to know where the eight groups in fish's division stand regarding the looming Y2K deadline. What they hear is not encouraging. Most Windows machines have been patched and tested, but Unix machines are lagging. Patches are glitchy; testing is falling behind; developers can't get their code running..."

Throwback Thursday: Timing Is Everything
Computerworld, August 29th, 2019
From the 'Things could have been worse' files.

"It's many years ago, and this pilot fish regularly travels to company offices around the country, dealing with IT-related problems and running user training sessions.

The big current project is implementing internet filtering after complaints that some workers are viewing inappropriate websites. So fish has to head to a meeting with many directors and managers to demonstrate..."

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