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Critical Data And Master Data - What Is The Difference?
Information Management, August 29th, 2019
In a recent blog, I looked at why you should prioritise your data and identify the data that is the most critical or material to your organization, so you can focus your data governance efforts on that data

"In response to that blog, I had a number of people contacting me to ask what was the difference between critical data and master data, so I decided that it would make a good topic for this blog," writes Nicola Askham in Information Management.

"As it is common for the two to get confused, let's look at each in turn:

My 'go to' reference point for all definitions to do with data is the dictionary published by DAMA International (the Data Management Association). However, I was disappointed to find that there is no definition of critical data in there. Luckily with the help of Google, I managed to find the following definition: 'data that is critical to success in a specific business area.'..."

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