Preparation Requires Prioritizing Threats
Fortinet News, September 5th, 2019
September 5, 2019,
Volume 258, Issue 1

As the attack methods and strategies of our cyber adversaries continue to expand, organizations must stay ahead of those threats most likely to affect individual networks and connected resources

"According to Fortinet's most recent global Threat Landscape Report, not only are cybercriminals using new attack methods (even for older attacks), but they are also using new strategies to obscure their presence and evade detection. This includes expending resources on reconnaissance to deliver targeted attacks better, and new evasion techniques to ensure their objectives aren't interrupted.

These few examples show how cybercriminals are leveraging speed, the expanding attack surface, and the complexity of today's threat landscape to find and exploit weaknesses in today's networks. As a result, organizations must tie their integrated security strategy with relentlessly staying on top of emerging attacks. This enables them to prioritize the implementation of specific defenses as well as reinforce essential cybersecurity fundamentals..."

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