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IT News - CxO
10 IT Modernization Mistakes To Avoid
Modernizing IT takes more than just replacing old tech with newer models. It requires a nuanced strategy that considers business needs and objectives alongside technical capabilities
Mary K. Pratt writes in CIO, "Sentara Healthcare embarked on its digital transformation journey two years ago, seeking to create better experiences and outcomes for its patients and providers.

To transform, Michael J. Reagin, senior vice president and chief information and innovation officer at the Norfolk, Va.-based nonprofit organization, recognized the need to shed decades' worth of legacy systems, shift to the cloud and redesign systems to center around consumers and not the organization..."

CIO, August 20th, 2019
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CISO Challenges Include Building Credibility Within The Business
No matter what comes at them in terms of cybersecurity issues, the main CISO challenge comes down to building credibility as a trustworthy person
"Over the past three decades, I've learned that work experience and titles mean little in terms of business relationships," writes Kevin Beaver in Search Security.

"While, on the surface, a strong resume or a C-level title might shape opinions and engender respect, a title isn't enough. I have rarely seen people struggle more than those in information security leadership positions -- primarily, CISOs. Having consulted with CISOs and knowing friends and colleagues who have held this role, I believe there's a lot of room for opportunities and growth despite the pressures of being a CISO..."

Search Security, August 20th, 2019
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With Shadow IT Running Rampant, How Can It Keep Pace?
Data privacy is high on the minds of businesses and consumers alike, as society at large is getting wise to the potential dangers that even seemingly innocuous apps (ie. FaceApp) might expose them to
Sean Armstrong notes in HelpNet Security, "That's why it's critical that enterprise IT teams put an emphasis on establishing realistic Internet use and network policies to help curb potential threats that could put their networks on ice.

Enforcing these policies, however, is easier said than done.

This is especially apparent when considering Gartner's estimates that anywhere between 20-50 percent of enterprise app spending takes place without IT's knowledge or consent - aka, shadow IT..."

HelpNet Security, August 20th, 2019
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Digital Transformation Strategy: 7 Key Pieces
Give your digital transformation efforts the best chance to succeed by building a strong strategy. CIOs and other experts share the steps you should focus on
"You may have heard that 70 percent of digital transformations fail," suggests Carla Rudder in The Enterprisers Project.

"The truth in this stat depends on how you define failure: According to Korn Ferry's Melissa Swift, it's more likely the majority of those efforts are simply stuck versus completely doomed. Still, it doesn't inspire much confidence for those organizations just getting started..."

The Enterprisers Project, August 20th, 2019
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IT News - CRM
Best CRM Software Of 2019:
Customer Relationship Management Solutions For Any Business
Mike Williams, Jonas DeMuro, and Brian Turner write in TechRadar, "Customer relations has become an essential part of business operations, especially in a social media world where reputations can make or break according to your customer experiences.

That means needing to be able to clearly communicate with customers through different channels, whether by phone, email, text, or social posts directly. Additionally, there's also a need to record all interactions to be clear on a customer's history.

It's not just about keeping customers happy, though, but also about ensuring that workflows remain efficient and KPI's are met, all of which can be monitored through in-built analytics and data reporting..."

TechRadar, August 22nd, 2019
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IT News - Security
Aviation Faces Increasing Cybersecurity Scrutiny
Some aviation experts and security researchers are trying to foster closer alliances for securing airplane networks
Kelly Jackson Higgins writes in Dark Reading, "Aircraft control-system circuit boards and electronics littered a long table around which hackers tinkered with the mostly retired avionics equipment components, including cockpit display units and in-flight entertainment systems. The goal of this hands-on station - part of the inaugural Aviation Village at DEF CON 27 earlier this month in Las Vegas - was to give white-hat hackers a rare opportunity to learn how on-board airplane electronic devices operate and communicate..."
Dark Reading, August 22nd, 2019
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Most IT Pros Find Red Team Exercises More Effective Than Blue Team Testing
More than one-third of security professionals' defensive blue teams fail to catch offensive red teams, a study from Exabeam reveals
"The survey, conducted at Black Hat USA 2019, also showed that 68% find red team exercises more effective than blue team testing, and more companies are practicing red over blue team testing.

As cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated and hack techniques become more highly targeted, organizations must learn how digital adversaries think to help identify gaps in their security programs...." - HelpNet Security

HelpNet Security, August 20th, 2019
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5 Identity Challenges Facing Today's IT Teams
To take control over your company's security, identify and understand the biggest identity and access management challenges facing IT teams today and start addressing them
"The business landscape is transforming, along with a workforce that is increasingly modernizing where and how they want to work," notes John Bennett in Dark Reading.

"Employees expect access to the tools they need anytime, from any device. As a result, IT teams are increasingly challenged to manage remote employees, give out user access, and secure company data. The hardest part is balancing multiple, often competing, priorities of reducing cost, user experience, efficiency, and effectiveness, as well as security..."

Dark Reading, August 22nd, 2019
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IT News - Storage
3 Key Unstructured Data Storage Challenges And How To Resolve Them
Volume, variety and value make storing unstructured data difficult. We look at how some vendors are helping enterprises get control of their burgeoning data stores.
Scott D. Lowe writes in SearchStorage, "Unstructured data is everything that doesn't fit into the neatly arranged rows and columns of a database. It can be a file server that has become a dumping ground for all of the Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations your organization uses. It can also include photos, videos, email messages and a whole lot more.

or years, IT pros have struggled to find ways to deal with unstructured data. The three key unstructured data storage challenges they face most are the following..."

SearchStorage, August 21st, 2019
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OCP Storage Hits The Datacenter
The emerging market for storage equipment based on the Open Compute Project is expected to more than double through 2023, according to datacenter storage equipment forecast
George Leopold writes in EnterpriseAI, "IHS Markit said this week it expects global revenues from the purchase of OCP-compliant storage gear to reach $5.4 billion by 2023. The current market is pegged at $2.5 billion, with OCP storage revenue currently growing annually at a 27-percent clip.

Those robust revenue estimates reflect growing big data storage requirements as datacenters burst at the seams with structured and unstructured data generated by the growth of the Internet of Things, edge computing and data security requirements..."

EnterpriseAI, August 23rd, 2019
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The Top 13 Free And Open Source Storage Solutions
Searching for storage solutions can be a daunting (and expensive) process, one that requires long hours of research and deep pockets
"The most popular storage tools often provide more than what's necessary for non-enterprise organizations, with advanced functionality relevant to only the most technically savvy users," reports Tess Hanna in Solutions Review.

"Thankfully, there are a number of free and open source storage solutions out there. Some of these solutions are offered by vendors looking to eventually sell you on their enterprise product, and others are maintained and operated by a community of developers looking to democratize storage.

In this article, we will examine free and open source storage solutions, first by providing a brief overview of what to expect and also with short blurbs of the options currently available in the space. This is the most complete and up-to-date directory on the web..."

Solutions Review, August 20th, 2019
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IT News - AI
Artificial Intelligence Is Redefining These 5 Major Industries
With all the buzz around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken a backseat in some ways
Chris Pentago notes in Business 2 Community, "However, this hasn't stopped the AI industry from growing at an exponential rate. The artificial intelligence market is estimated to grow in value to $191 billion by 2024 with a CAGR of 37 percent.

Don't be fooled, AI is still a force. The ability for machines to make decisions based on logic, data, and information from the past is impacting a number of industries. From self-driving vehicles to chatbots, artificial intelligence is transforming the way business is done on a global scale.

Let's take a closer look at the major industries AI is redefining via innovation and advanced machine learning..."

Business 2 Community, August 23rd, 2019
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IT News - Technology
Processor Progress Is Alive And Well, Builder Of Apple's iPhone Chips Says
TSMC's research chief challenges pessimists with a bullish view on memory, 3D chip stacking and faster processor ingredients
"Enough with the doom and gloom about Moore's Law," opines Stephen Shankland in CNET.

"Computing progress charted by the famous 1965 observation, along with other chip improvements, will keep our digital devices humming ever faster, said Philip Wong, head of research at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.

'Without any doubt, Moore's Law is well and alive. It's not dead, it's not slowing down, it's not even sick. It's well and alive,' Wong said Tuesday at the Hot Chips conference at Stanford University. He also detailed other chip developments, like sandwiching memory right on top of the processor, that he predicted will boost performance..."

CNET, August 21st, 2019
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6 Significant New Chromebook Hardware Trends
Software isn't the only area that's evolving in the Chrome OS universe right now
"We talk a lot about Chrome OS upgrades and how the never-ending stream of new software features can improve your Chromebook experience, but some pretty interesting hardware enhancements are also on the way," notes JR Raphael in Computerworld.

"Now, you know me: The idea of devices getting thinner, screens getting sharper, and bezels getting smaller doesn't exactly bowl me over. All that stuff is fine, sure, but it's also just the expected annual progression and nothing worth discussing in any great detail..."

Computerworld, August 20th, 2019
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IT News - Humor
I Couldn't Possibly Tell You The Computer's ID Over The Phone, I've Been On A Course
Come join us for another dive into the piranha-infested waters of what we at The Register like to call On Call
Richard Speed writes in The Register, "Today's tale of phone-based antics comes from 'Mike', who spent the early part of this century working in the IT Moves and Changes teams for a large Edinburgh-based financial institution.

Mike's journey to infamy began with a ticket raised by one of the executive personal assistants requesting a CD/RW drive for her PC..."

The Register, August 23rd, 2019
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Throwback Thursday: Eyes Only
Whatever the policy says, it must be very strict
"Programmer pilot fish goes online to a message board for a development system that's used for one of his company's applications.

But he gets a message that the site is blocked. He can either forget about it, click a link to continue, or click a link to see the company's access policy..."

Computerworld, August 22nd, 2019
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The Power Of The Beep-Beep-Beep
If the UPS had been smaller, she might have thrown it out a window.
"Power goes out at a law firm, and the UPS immediately starts beeping as an alert that it is discharging. One woman working nearby finds the beeping annoying, and she turns off her PC in an effort to make it stop. That does nothing about the beep-beep-beep, of course, but she's been driven to distraction and starts to shut down everything in the law firm. The beeping continues. So she goes to the source and unplugs the UPS..."
Computerworld, August 21st, 2019
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IT News - Operations
10 Splunk Alternatives For Log Analysis
Splunk may be the most famous way to make sense of mass quantities of log data, but it is far from the only player around
"Quick! Name a log analysis service. If the first word that popped out of your mouth was 'Splunk,' you're far from alone," writes Serdar Yegulalp in InfoWorld.

"But Splunk's success has spurred many others to up their log-analysis game, whether open source or commercial. Here is a slew of contenders that have a lot to offer sysadmins and devops folks alike, from services to open source stacks..."

InfoWorld, August 22nd, 2019
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IT News - DevOps
How To Explain DevOps In Plain English
Having trouble boiling DevOps and all it encompasses down to a sound bite?
"Here are a few simple definitions and analogies that will help explain DevOps, even to non-techies," writes Carla Rudder in The Enterprisers Project.

"DevOps got its name 10 years ago, and what started as a hashtag has grown into a cultural movement in IT. This philosophy encourages developers to move fast, experiment, and iterate. DevOps has become intrinsically connected with digital transformation. But when it comes to IT terminology, a decade is plenty of time to accrue varying definitions, interpretations, and confusion around what DevOps actually means..."

The Enterprisers Project, August 21st, 2019
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IT News - Cloud
At A High Level: AWS vs. Google Cloud Platform
AWS and Google Cloud Platform, two of the three largest cloud computing vendors, each have their own strengths and weaknesses that make them efficient for different workloads. Which might be best for your use case?
"For most enterprises, selecting both a primary and secondary cloud service is now an important strategy," notes Chris Preimesberger in eWeek.

"Recent research shows that northward of 90 percent of enterprises and non-profit organizations are utilizing two or more cloud services accounts. This is a big change over what was happening only a few years ago, when some companies were still reluctant to trust their business data in any cloud application..."

eWeek, August 22nd, 2019
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IT News - IoT
Don't Worry About Shadow IT. Shadow IoT Is Much Worse.
Shadow IoT - the use of unauthorized internet of things devices and networks - poses a new level of threats for enterprises
"For years, IT departments have been railing about the dangers of shadow IT and bring-your-own-device., notes Fredric Paul in IoT Agenda. "The worry is that these unauthorized practices bring risks to corporate systems, introducing new vulnerabilities and increasing the attack surface.

That may be true, but it's not the whole story. As I've long argued, shadow IT may increase risks, but it can also cut costs, boost productivity and speed innovation..."

IoT Agenda, August 22nd, 2019
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IT News - Careers
My Headhunter Is Competing With Me!
In the August 20, 2019 Ask The Headhunter Newsletter a reader is confused about how a headhunter operates.

"Is it an ethical or typical practice that a recruiting agency submits more than one person for the same position? A headhunter contacted me about a management role in information security. I went in for the interview first, and while following up with the headhunter afterwards I did a bit of a brain dump about the way it went and what their personalities were like. As I was telling the recruiter my experience, I heard her clicking away at the keyboard and instantly I was thinking who is helping whom? So I asked, are you submitting someone else, and she said yes, the agency was, but she was not personally. The information I shared was used to help the next person they sent to interview after me.

It seems there is a conflict of interest and cannibalization when you send two people for the same position..."

Ask The Headhunter, August 19th, 2019
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IT News - Email
The Differences Between SMTP and IMAP (And Why You Need Both)
Email plays a crucial role in virtually every single one of our lives. Studies show that 58 percent of consumers check their email first thing in the morning
"Compare that number to dwindling five percent of people who check their favorite news program when they wake up."

Thomas Griffin writes in Business 2 Community, , "Due to the popularity of email, it's no wonder that developers and business owners are focused on making sure their messages reach their destination. Similarly, they must get emails from their website when someone completes a form or leaves a comment.

Missing messages can result in decreased sales, limited productivity, and a broken line of communication between employees and consumers. We are going to look at two protocols you should keep in mind if you want to improve your email deliverability and keep your website running smoothly..."

Business 2 Community, August 21st, 2019
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IT News - Big Data
Containerized Convergence Of Big Data And Big Compute
In this video from HPCKP'19, Christian Kniep from QNIB Solutions presents: Containerized Convergence of Big Data and Big Compute
"Since the early days of High Performance Computing operations and usage of such systems was highly dependent on the vendor, the discipline, the diversity of use-cases and the community it was embedded in," writes Rich Brueckner in insideHPC.

"The use-cases and communities of Big Data, Big Compute are converging, due to commoditization in hard- (x86) and software (Linux), the growing importance of big enterprise IT and the advent of HPC characteristics in AI/ML workloads.

With the introduction of containers as distribution artifact and Kubernetes as orchestration substrate, this convergence might experienced it's final push to take place. This talk will dissect the convergence by refreshing the audiences' memory on what containerization is about, segueing into why AI/ML workloads are leading to fully fledged HPC applications eventually and how this will inform the way forward. In conclusion Christian will discuss the three main challenges `Hardware Access`, `Data Access` and `Distributed Computing` in container technology and how they can be tackled by the power of open source, while focusing on the first..."

insideHPC, August 22nd, 2019
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