How To Align Marketing And Sales With CRM For Lead Generation And Business Growth
CustomerThink, August 6th, 2019
August 6, 2019,
Volume 257, Issue 1

Did you know that aligning your marketing and sales teams can help to dramatically improve your brand's performance resulting in rapid business growth?

"Even though marketing and sales reps mostly do not agree on this, nevertheless when these two teams work towards a unified goal for generating more leads, businesses typically see a 30 percent and even higher volume of sales wins.

Alignments between branches in an organization can happen in several forms but ultimately your marketing and sales departments should have a common goal around lead management, nurturing and generation of new leads, and there is no better way to do this than by implementing a CRM software be it Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM platforms mostly used by startups and small businesses..."

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