The Need For Speed In Analytics
Business 2 Community, August 8th, 2019
August 8, 2019,
Volume 257, Issue 1

Even though Usain Bolt ran the 100m dash in 9.58 seconds, his speed is no match for the sub-second-by-second power of real-time analytics

"Programmers are always searching for new ways to access larger volumes of data with greater speed and ease. This innovation in the business intelligence (BI) space is becoming more and more necessary with analytics users facing diminishing decision windows, which demand faster decision making.

According to Aberdeen research, 69% of analytics users indicate their decision window has shortened substantially or noticeably in the past two years. To make quicker decisions and meet these growing time-crunches, individuals need data at a rapidly increasing rate. In fact, 70% of analytics users need information to be available within the hour or sooner..."

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