Virtual Reality Shows New Promise For Some Kinds Of Surgical Training
Business 2 Community, August 5th, 2019
August 5, 2019,
Volume 257, Issue 1

A recent validation study conducted by the David Geffen School of Medicine indicates that virtual reality could provide significant benefits to surgical training

"The study, which was financed by the virtual reality surgical training startup Osso VR, indicates that participants who used the company's training methods improved their overall surgical performance by 230%.

That's a huge number, but research into the efficacy of virtual reality training is still early.

Still, the 'Randomized, Controlled Trial of a Virtual Reality Tool to Teach Surgical Technique for Tibial Shaft Fracture Intramedullary Nailing' takes the first step at providing evidence to back up the long-held assertions that learning in virtual reality has benefits that accrue in real-world scenarios..."

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