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IT News - CxO
10 Signs Outdated IT Systems Are Killing Your Business
When an IT asset turns into a business liability, an update or replacement is imperative. Here's how to know it's time to take action
"Progress comes at a price," writes John Edwards in CIO. "In the IT world, that price includes the cost of upgrading or replacing the aging systems that are responsible for keeping your enterprise thriving and competitive.

Knowing exactly when to pull the plug on an existing IT resource requires both insight and awareness, as well as a willingness to embrace new technologies and practices. To get started, here's a look at the 10 telltale signs that it may be time to consider an IT system change..."

CIO, July 30th, 2019
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10 Ways To Have Better Conversations
What message do your words send, leaders? Improve your communication skills every day with these conversation tips
"Many leaders take a vested interest in improving their communication skills," notes Carla Rudder in The Enterprisers Project. "They labor over email drafts to ensure the most important updates are explained. They fine-tune and practice their presentations repeatedly before they take the stage at business events. They might even coach their teams on communication best practices and etiquette.

But what about the side conversations that happen in the hallways at work or on the road with customers? Do you treat them with the same level of preparation and care? Often not. In those situations, most of us simply wing it..."

The Enterprisers Project, July 29th, 2019
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5 Must-Read Harvard Business Review Articles In August
Check out these five thought-provoking HBR articles, curated especially for CIOs and IT leaders
Carla Rudder writes in The Enterprisers Project, "Each month, through our partnership with Harvard Business Review, we refresh our business library for CIOs with five new HBR articles we believe CIOs and IT leaders will value highly. These curated pieces are available now through the end of August..."
The Enterprisers Project, August 1st, 2019
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6 Free It Strategic Planning Templates For CIOs
As technology has become a business differentiator, IT strategy is more crucial than ever. These IT strategic planning templates help CIOs make IT a business driver
"An effective IT strategy plan clearly defines an IT organization's mission and requirements, and it translates that mission into long- and short-range actionable goals," writes Linda Tucci in Search CIO.

"An effective IT strategic plan also reflects and drives the enterprise's business strategy and goals. Sounds straightforward enough, but as technology has become a business differentiator, IT strategic planning is more crucial and difficult than ever before. The IT function is no longer there to simply support business goals; IT must help drive the business.

These free IT strategic planning templates and examples of IT strategic plans will help CIOs develop strategies that become powerful tools for the business..."

Search CIO, July 30th, 2019
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IT News - Security
2019 Data Breach Disclosures: 10 Of The Biggest -- So Far
Enterprises have disclosed a number of significant data breaches in the first half of 2019. Here's a look at some of the biggest and most notable breaches so far this year
"This year has already seen a number of organizations disclose significant data breaches, including a single intrusion that affected several healthcare companies and exposed personal and financial information for millions of patients" reports Rob Wright in SearchSecurity.

"We have compiled some of the most notable 2019 data breach disclosures prior to July 15. These breaches vary in size, scope and types of information exposed, but they all involve unauthorized access to sensitive data by threat actors (either cybercriminals or, in one case, an insider threat)..."

SearchSecurity, July 30th, 2019
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4 Network Security Mistakes Bound To Bite You
It's Shark Week again! Are you ready to outmaneuver sharks of the cyber variety? These tips can help
"Just like sharks off the Florida coast, encrypted threats are lurking in network traffic.," writes Shane Buckley in Dark Reading.

"And as the volume of transport layer security (TLS) encrypted traffic rises exponentially, organizations become even more vulnerable to attacks. Ouch!

We all cringe at the reports of shark sightings each summer. If you're one of the 35 million viewers planning to partake in the cultural feeding frenzy that is Shark Week, I offer you a primer. Here we marry our shark appreciation with some serious discussion around the following four network security mistakes bound to bite you:..."

Dark Reading, July 29th, 2019
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IT News - Storage
NAS vs. Object Storage: What'S Best For Unstructured Data Storage?
There are advantages and disadvantages to using NAS or object storage for unstructured data. Find out what to consider when it comes to scalability, performance and workload type
"Unstructured data is among the fastest-growing data types out there," writes Scott D. Lowe in SearchStorage. "With organizations creating and attempting to store growing quantities of data year over year, this naturally leads to the question: What's the best storage for unstructured data?

Unstructured data is information that doesn't adhere to a traditional database format. Text in the form of email and documents, along with multimedia -- such as photo, video and audio files -- are common examples of unstructured data. When looking for the best way to store unstructured data, NAS vs. object storage are the two primary choices..."

SearchStorage, July 29th, 2019
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2019 Is The Year Of NVMe
Without sounding too cliched, 2019 looks to be the year of NVMe, as the technology moves to become the leading storage protocol for the enterprise
Chris Evans writes in architectingIT, "NVMe or Non-Volatile Memory Express is a new protocol that allows servers to talk to storage devices like solid-state disks. Within a server, NVMe SSDs connect to the PCIe bus using a range of different form factors. Across a storage network, NVMe-enabled devices communicate to a server using NVMe over Fabrics, or NVMe-oF.

We can compare NVMe to historical SAS, SCSI and SATA storage protocols. Within a server, these solutions required a controller that can be implemented directly on the motherboard or through an add-in card. Across the network, Fibre Channel and iSCSI allow a server to communicate to shared storage. This aligns with the capabilities of NVMe-oF..."

architectingIT, July 30th, 2019
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Top 15 Best Data Storage Books You Should Read
There are a few resources that can match the in-depth, comprehensive detail of a good book
Tess Hanna writes in Solutions Review, "There are loads of free resources available online (such as Solutions Review's buyer's guides and best practices), and those are great, but sometimes it's best to do things the old fashioned way..."
Solutions Review, July 31st, 2019
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Get To Know Data Storage Containers And Their Terminology
Looking into containerization? You're going to need these key terms to better understand the technology, how it works and which vendors are offering it
"Data storage containers have become a popular way to create and package applications for better portability and simplicity," writes Erin Sullivan in SeachStorage.

"Seen by some analysts as the technology to unseat virtual machines, containers have steadily gained more attention as of late, from customers and vendors alike.

Why choose containers and containerization over the alternatives? Containers work on bare-metal systems, cloud instances and VMs, and across Linux and select Windows and Mac OSes. Containers typically use fewer resources than VMs and can bind together application libraries and dependencies into one convenient, deployable unit..."

SeachStorage, July 30th, 2019
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IT News - AI
AI Is Getting More In Touch With Your Emotions
EmoNet, a neural network model, was accurately able to pair images to 11 emotion categories
"Artificial intelligence might one day start communicating our emotions better than we do," notes Dhara Singh in CNET. "EmoNet, neural network model developed by researchers at the University of Colorado and Duke University, was accurately able to classify images into 11 different emotion categories.

A neural network is a computer model that learns to map input signals to an output of interest by learning a series of filters, according to Philip Kragel, one of the researchers on the study. For example, a network trained to detect bananas would learn features unique to them, such as shape and color..."

CNET, July 29th, 2019
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Dos And Don'ts: Robotic Process Automation
RPA is the fastest growing category of software today, driven by enterprise digital transformation efforts. Here's how to make the most of it
Jessica Davis writes in InformationWeek, "Enterprise organizations have been struggling with a new directive over the past several years -- digital transformation. As they compete against cloud-native, data-ready startups, enterprises are hobbled by speed, or lack thereof, of their existing technology.

They know they need to make their operations faster, more responsive to customers, and smarter. Yet their technology investments may go back decades, so they may have been built for how businesses operated 10 or 20 years ago..."

InformationWeek, July 29th, 2019
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The Rise Of AI Hardware: Overcoming The AI Compute Bottleneck
There is little doubt that AI hardware is a focal point this year for tech industrialists, computer scientists, AI researchers and governments alike
"A Cambrian explosion of new hardware precipitated by a sudden and huge demand for computational power coinciding with an impending transformation of the existing computing paradigm," writes Stephanie Wright in EnterpriseAI.

"The landscape of the technology industry, and the fundamental way in which computing is done, will almost certainly look very different a decade from now, due in no small part to AI hardware, and the $65bn+ opportunity of this market..."

EnterpriseAI, July 29th, 2019
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IT News - Blockchain
What's A Smart Contract (And How Does It Work)?
Smart contracts are potentially one of the most useful tools associated with blockchain, and they can enable the transfer of everything from bitcoin and fiat currency to goods transported around the world
"Here's what they do and why they're likely to gain traction," writes Lucas Mearian in Computerworld. "Smart contracts are self-executing, business automation applications that run on a decentralized network such as blockchain.

And because they're able to remove administrative overhead, smart contracts are one of most attractive features associated with blockchain technology. While blockchain acts as a database, confirming that transactions have taken place, smart contracts execute pre-determined conditions; think about a smart contract as a computer executing on "if/then," or conditional, programming..."

Computerworld, July 31st, 2019
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IT News - Humor
Maybe you could get a smaller buffer
"Pilot fish working in university's IT department reports that a weird network issue is affecting a major research lab on campus. Every Saturday morning around 2:30, one of the core routers, located in the lab, goes dark for about 40 minutes..."
Computerworld, July 31st, 2019
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Open Source Of Distraction
He certainly has the nerve
"Pilot fish is a software developer who hates open offices. And who can blame him? Concentration is pretty much impossible when every little noise from six cubicles down gets amplified on the way to your ears..."
ComputerWorld, July 29th, 2019
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Throwback Thursday: That's Entertainment!
Maybe so, but we're in the news business
"Back when broadband wasn't so broad, video editors at this news organization are complaining that the network is so slow, it's impeding their efficiency, reports a pilot fish on the scene.

'A sniffer was placed on the network to isolate the problem,' fish says..."

Computerworld, August 1st, 2019
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IT News - PM
10 Reasons Software Projects Are Slower Than We Expect
Despite efforts to re-engineer software development with new methodologies and tools, projects still warp time lines thanks to bureaucracy, new demands, and the nature of code
Peter Wayner writes in CIO, "Douglas Hofstadter, longtime computer programmer and author of Godel, Escher, Bach, summed up his experience in the computing trenches with this eponymous law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law..."
CIO, July 31st, 2019
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IT News - Operations
Deep Learning Places New Demands On Data Center Architectures
A new white paper by Moor Insights & Strategy explores the data architectures required for machine and deep learning with scale-out enterprise storage
Matt Hausmann writes in CIO, "Machine and deep learning applications bring new workflows and challenges to enterprise data center architectures. One of the key challenges revolves around data and the storage solutions needed to store, manage, and deliver up to AI's demands. Today's intelligent applications require infrastructure that is very different from traditional analytics workloads, and an organization's data architecture decisions will have a big impact on the success of its AI projects..."
CIO, August 2nd, 2019
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IT News - BI
20 Top Platforms For Analytics And Business Intelligence
Gartner has released its most recent Magic Quadrant report, which looks at 20 leading providers of analytics and business intelligence tools
David Weldon reports in Information Management, "Authoring the study are Gartner analysts Cindi Howson, Rita L. Sallam, James Laurence Richardson, Joao Tapadinhas, Carlie J. Idoine and Alys Woodward. They write that 'modern analytics and business intelligence platforms represent mainstream buying, with deployments increasingly cloud-based. Data and analytics leaders are upgrading traditional solutions as well as expanding portfolios with new vendors as the market innovates on ease of use and augmented analytics.' Here are their picks for 20 top providers..."
Information Management, August 1st, 2019
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IT News - Server
Why Hardware Still Matters In The Era Of Cloud Computing
The University of California at San Diego has adopted a cloud-first strategy that involves retiring three mainframes
Paul Gillin writes in siliconAngle, "I long ago realized that the CIO should be more of a supply chain leader than someone who keeps track of hardware specs," said Vince Kellen, UCSD's chief information officer. "For most of our business problems, hardware doesn't matter."

"A growing number of information technology managers feels the same way. For more than 60 years, both the potential and limitations of computing have been defined by processors, memory, storage and other components fashioned from metal and silicon..."

siliconAngle, July 29th, 2019
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IT News - Cloud
At A High Level: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud
The three largest cloud computing vendors each have their own strengths and weaknesses that make them ideal for different workloads. Which one is best your your use case?
Chris Preimesberger writes in eWeek, "If you've got a business that's growing and are looking for IT help in the form of cloud services, there are really only few household name-brand providers from which to choose. You already know them as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud ... and that's about it..."
eWeek, August 1st, 2019
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Most Interesting Trends On Cloud Service And Web Usage
Cloud services account for 85% of all enterprise web traffic, signaling a need for enterprises to adopt a holistic approach to securing the cloud and web,
"As today's enterprises embrace digital transformation and increasingly replace traditional web use with cloud service use, it is imperative to assess whether proper controls are in place to secure all traffic.

"While most tools are focusing on traditional web traffic, this significant shift to cloud usage is what's causing security teams to go blind," said Jason Clark, Chief Strategy Officer at Netskope..." - HelpNet Security

HelpNet Security, August 2nd, 2019
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IT News - DR
6 Steps To A Successful Network Disaster Recovery Plan
Don't wait until disaster strikes to consider network resiliency and recovery. Use these six practical steps to build a network disaster recovery plan that fits your business needs
"A data network is the foundation of any enterprise infrastructure," writes Andrew Froehlich in SearchNetworking. "Thus, it's crucial to build a disaster recovery plan that will bring mission-critical services back online within a specified period.

Disaster recovery plans have been around for decades. Yet, they must be thoughtfully designed to change and adapt to new architectures and business use cases. Modern evolutions include cloud computing, remote workforces and software-defined networking.

In this article, we're going to look at six practical steps you can follow to help build a successful disaster recovery plan for your network. These steps can be used as a framework to build the type of network disaster recovery plan that will fit your specific recovery goals..."

SearchNetworking, July 29th, 2019
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IT News - Compliance
An Engineer Explains Why You're An Idiot To Want Privacy
Is privacy making something of a comeback? It really isn't, according to this engineer
"Too often, though, their reactions don't quite confirm their claims," writes Chris Matyszczyk in ZDNet. "And I'm not confining myself to politicians or even tech leaders named Zuckerberg.

One area in which claim and reality aren't in perfect harmony is privacy. Everyone claims to want it. Few do anything to achieve it.

Last week, I offered the story of my engineer friend George who was accosted in a New York park by Google operatives testing some sort of advanced Face ID for -- presumably -- the next Pixel phones.

They offered him $5 for detailed imaging of his face..."

ZDNet, July 29th, 2019
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