Your Next SSD Might Be Slower (Thanks To QLC Flash)
How-To Geek, July 22nd, 2019
August 4, 2019,
Volume 256, Issue 5

Newer isn't always better. Recently, SSD manufacturers have begun to trade off speed and reliability

"Here's the issue," writes Anthony Heddings in How-To Geek. "Making SSDs is expensive, and few people want to pay $200 for a 512 GB SSD when you can get '2000 GB' mechanical hard drives for less than $50. Bigger capacities sell.

SSD manufacturers are increasing storage capacities while keeping costs down - but this is bad for performance and endurance. Large SSDs may be getting cheaper, but there's a tradeoff for each leap in SSD technology. We're currently seeing the rise of Quad Level Cell (QLC) SSDs, which can store 4 bits of information per memory cell. QLC hasn't replaced standard SSDs completely, but a few drives using it have made their way to the market, and they've got problems..."

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