How Capacity Planning Can Reduce It Costs By 30-50 Per Cent
ITProPortal, July 5th, 2019
July 5, 2019,
Volume 256, Issue 1

How capacity planning and infrastructure transparency can prevent over provisioning and significantly reduce IT costs

"Virtual workload balancing is overlooked well past the eleventh hour in many enterprises. This seems counterintuitive, given that enterprises are becoming highly dependent on IT for success. Capacity planning, or workload forecasting, is all about optimisation. It is the process for determining how capable and prepared the IT infrastructure is to meet future workload demands whilst efficiently managing resources. This process is typically measured within the context of applications that run in rapidly changing, multi layered, virtualised and often cloud based environments.

Capacity planning is critical for reducing cost and increasing business productivity. Good capacity management also saves time and helps to protect against unforeseen challenges caused by workload changes - and saves the urgent need to throw expensive resources at solving resultant performance issues and workload bottlenecks..."

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