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Just round up

"This company's pension distribution system is a heavily customized version of a well-known package. And it has worked fine for years, says a programmer pilot fish responsible for maintaining it.

But that can't last. And in fact, push comes to shove when the chief operating officer retires, he being the first employee to get over $1 million in his distribution..."

Ready, Set, Go
ComputerWorld, June 25th, 2019
You can bet it was something to see.

"It's the early '80s and operations manager is tired of getting repeated calls to the basement computer room to repair buttons on the mainframe. The 'ready' buttons on the IBM 3420 tape drives keep breaking, and he wishes he knew why..."

Wayback Wednesday: Ditch The Glitch
ComputerWorld, June 26th , 2019
There is always a root cause

"At the company where this pilot fish works, the online telephone directory is rebuilt every night using data that comes from both the Human Resources database and Microsoft Active Directory.

And that works fine - mostly. 'Several times each year, a few thousand employees would be missing from the directory the next morning,' fish reports..."

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