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IT News - CxO
10 Top Emerging Technologies
The IoT, artificial intelligence, 5G technology and server-less computing are among the technologies that will most impact businesses and the bottom line, says a new CompTIA report
David Weldon writes in Information Management, "CompTIA's Emerging Technology Community selected the top 10 technologies that have near-term business and financial opportunity for the IT channel and those working in the business of technology as of the mid-way point of 2019. Here are the 10 technology selections in ascending order..."
Information Management, June 26th , 2019
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5 Work/Life Balance Tips From Chicago CIO Of The Year Winners
How do you disconnect on vacation? Model balance for your team? Try these strategies
"CIOs are busier than ever," notes Ginny Hamilton in The Enterprisers Project. "The demands are constant. We caught up with five of the CIOs who recently won the 2019 Chicago CIO of the Year ORBIE Awards to find out how they try to find a work/life balance. The awards were presented by the Chicago CIO Leadership Association, a professional community that annually recognizes CIOs for their excellence in technology leadership.

We asked the winners to share some of their personal strategies for staying afloat. Their answers ranged from truly disconnecting when going on vacation, to staying connected to their children during business travel..."

The Enterprisers Project, June 27th , 2019
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What Does Digital Transformation Really Mean?
We can't seem to go a day without seeing or hearing the term digital transformation. But what does the term really mean? What happened to start this paradigm shift in the way people and companies interact with technology? And, more importantly, where is it going?
Michael Gabriel writes in CIO, "We hear the term 'digital transformation' all the time, and probably too often in my humble opinion. But what does it really mean and why does it appear to be a never-ending struggle that permeates our existence? Is it a task condemning us to repeat pushing a digital boulder up a mountain like Sisyphus, only to see it roll down and start all over again?..."
CIO, June 24th, 2019
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IT News - CRM
Salesforce Now Has Over 19% Of The CRM Market
CRM remains the largest and fastest growing enterprise software category today according to the latest market sizing, and market share research Gartner published this week
"Salesforce dominated the worldwide CRM market with a 19.5% market share in 2018, over double its nearest rival, SAP, at 8.3% share," reports Louis Columbus in Forbes.

"Worldwide spending on customer experience and relationship management (CRM) software grew 15.6% to reach $48.2B in 2018.

72.9% of CRM spending was on software as a service (SaaS) in 2018, which is expected to grow to 75% of total CRM software spending in 2019.

Worldwide enterprise application software revenue totaled more than $193.6B in 2018, a 12.5% increase from 2017 revenue of $172.1B. CRM made up nearly 25% of the entire enterprise software revenue market...."

Forbes, June 24th, 2019
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IT News - Security
Best Tools For Single Sign-On
It has been a few years since we last looked at single sign-on products, the field has gotten more crowded and more capable
"Since we last looked at single sign-on products in 2012, the field has gotten more crowded and more capable," notes David Strom in CSO Online.

"For this round of evaluations, we looked at seven SSO services: Centrify's Identity Service, Microsoft's Azure AD Premium, Okta's Identity and Mobility Management, OneLogin, Ping Identity's Ping One, Secure Auth's IdP, and SmartSignin. Our Clear Choice test winner is Centrify, which slightly outperformed Okta and OneLogin..."

CSO Online, June 26th , 2019
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Splunk vs. IBM Qradar: SIEM Head-To-Head
IBM and Splunk deliver two of the best SIEM solutions in the business, but each product offers distinct benefits to potential buyers
Chris Preimesberger writes in eWeek, "SIEM, the modern tools of which have been in existence for about a dozen years, is an approach to security management that combines the SIM (security information management) and SEM (security event management) functions into one security management system. SIM collects, analyzes and reports on log data; SEM analyzes log and event data in real time to provide threat monitoring, event correlation and incident response. Due to its 24/7, real-time nature, SIEM is now a required technology for large enterprises..."
eWeek, June 24th, 2019
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Is The Digital Identity Layer Missing Or Just Misplaced?
The orchestration of existing services and data could provide a digital identity layer that gives the internet a common way to handle identity for all consumers
"I recently presented on a panel alongside a UK government identity specialist and an anti-fraud vendor," recalls Susan Morrow in CSO Online.

"The conference focused on citizen ID and how the complex world of citizen identity is handled by the current status quo. The general view was that we need to find structures that can drag digital identity into the 21st century, and fast..."

CSO Online, June 28th , 2019
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IT News - Storage
SAN vs. NAS: A Diagram Of The Differences
Having trouble choosing a storage system? While there are some basic differences between SAN and NAS, there are also nuances to consider when making your choice
Erin Sullivan and Randy Kerns write in SearchStorage, "SAN and NAS are storage system staples, and while they may appear similar at a glance, they are not interchangeable. There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to use SAN vs. NAS, so the answer isn't the same for every organization. However, by looking at the benefits and drawbacks of each, you should be able to choose the right data storage system for your organization..."
SearchStorage, June 28th , 2019
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5 NVMe-oF Implementation Questions Answered
Want to know more about implementing NVMe over fabrics, where it's useful and what to consider? Get answers to these and other questions surrounding this technology
Stacey Peterson writes in SearchStorage, "NVMe over fabrics is making its way into the enterprise, enabling organizations to extend NVMe's high-performance, low-latency advantages across their infrastructure.

NVMe-oF implementations maps commands and responses between an NVMe host and shared memory, facilitating communication. It extends the distances over which NVMe devices can be accessed and enables scaling to multiple devices..."

SearchStorage, June 24th, 2019
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IT News - AI
Beyond Limits: Rethinking The Next Generation Of AI
A new AI company called Beyond Limits took an idea from space exploration and turned it into a fascinating new self-training AI
"This new AI - which is already being used in finance, healthcare and petrochemical industries - represents an impressive breakthrough for certain AI implementations that require high levels of autonomy," reports Rob Enderle in ComputerWorld.

"I had an interesting talk with AJ Abdallat, CEO of a small firm called Beyond Limits doing interesting things with AI. Their differentiator is that their AI's decisions can be audited, and the AI itself can be edited at a granular level so corrections generally don't require retraining. As I was listening it struck me that if we could do this with people, particularly young teenagers, top executives, criminals and politicians we could almost instantly make the world a better safer place..."

ComputerWorld, June 28th , 2019
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IT News - Technology
Raspberry Pi 4 Boosts Performance, Keeps $35 Starting Price
The affordable computer is now even more powerful
Eli Blumenthal writes in CNET, "On Monday the Raspberry Pi Foundation dropped a new model of its popular Raspberry Pi line. Aptly named the Raspberry Pi 4, the new PC board boasts several significant upgrades. Among them:

  • A new 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU that the group says is three times faster
  • 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB of LPDDR4 SDRAM
  • Two USB-A, full-size USB 3 ports (in addition to two USB 2 ports)
  • Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi AC
  • Two micro HDMI out (as opposed to one full-size HDMI) capable of driving two 4K displays
  • USB-C for power input (as opposed to micro-USB)

The new computer retains its $35 starting price for the 1GB board (a 2GB board is $45, 4GB is $55), with casing available for an additional $5..."

CNET, June 24th, 2019
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IT News - Blockchain
Blockchain Interoperability Remains Elusive
Early adopters of blockchain technology, particularly financial institutions that are among the first to wring out the distributed, encrypted and immutable ledgers, are being force to analyze data offline, not 'on-chain.'
George Leopold writes in Enterprise AI, "The primary reason is a paucity of standard query languages, data access latency and a general lack of interoperability between analytics and data visualization tools with multiple blockchain protocols.

That's the conclusion of an analysis of early blockchain rollouts by capital marker firms released this week by TABB Group. Is 'data - the lifeblood of capital markets - literally locked up in new data paradigm?' the report asks.

The study found that blockchain proof-of concept efforts are handling analytics 'off-chain' after extracting data from enterprise deployments. 'This is neither ideal nor sustainable. Required will be an on-chain approach to extract full value and competitive advantage of enterprise blockchain,' the authors note..."

Enterprise AI, June 28th , 2019
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IT News - Humor
Throwback Thursday: Some People Aren't Satisfied With Eight Nines
Just round up
"This company's pension distribution system is a heavily customized version of a well-known package. And it has worked fine for years, says a programmer pilot fish responsible for maintaining it.

But that can't last. And in fact, push comes to shove when the chief operating officer retires, he being the first employee to get over $1 million in his distribution..."

ComputerWorld, June 27th , 2019
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Ready, Set, Go
You can bet it was something to see.
"It's the early '80s and operations manager is tired of getting repeated calls to the basement computer room to repair buttons on the mainframe. The 'ready' buttons on the IBM 3420 tape drives keep breaking, and he wishes he knew why..."
ComputerWorld, June 25th, 2019
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Wayback Wednesday: Ditch The Glitch
There is always a root cause
"At the company where this pilot fish works, the online telephone directory is rebuilt every night using data that comes from both the Human Resources database and Microsoft Active Directory.

And that works fine - mostly. 'Several times each year, a few thousand employees would be missing from the directory the next morning,' fish reports..."

ComputerWorld, June 26th , 2019
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IT News - Database
Compare NoSQL Database Types In The Cloud
NoSQL and cloud computing were made for each other. Dig in to the types of database offerings that are available from cloud major providers and third-party vendors
"The emergence of globally scalable online services for social networks, streaming content, news distribution and retail significantly changed the requirements for application infrastructure and software architectures," notes Kurt Marko in SearchCloudComputing. "One of the most substantial transformations came in the way systems store, organize and access data.

Legacy relational database management systems (RDBMSes), such as Oracle Database, are a poor match for web apps that require distributed, scale-out cluster infrastructure. NoSQL databases are a better fit for loosely coupled designs, in which application data and executable code are spread across multiple machines and data centers. With its origins rooted in the open source community and cloud-native development, IaaS providers have built various NoSQL database types to target different data and use cases..."

SearchCloudComputing, June 28th , 2019
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IT News - Cloud
How Big Is AWS?
If you're at all familiar with cloud computing, you know Amazon Web Services is a giant - but just how big is AWS? There are a number of measures of the size of a cloud business like Amazon's - here are answers to just a few of those questions
Katy Stalcup writes in Business 2 Community, "While numbers for employees of Amazon as a whole are reported in the company's quarterly earnings reports (630,600 as of Q1 2019), the number of those under AWS is less clear.

AWS has just over 40,000 employees listed on LinkedIn, but of course, that's not the most accurate measure. By eyeballing the operating expenses reported for the AWS segment compared to Amazon's business as a whole, you could estimate up to 62,000, but it's likely lower than that. As of this writing, AWS has 12,280 full-time job openings listed on their website, while Amazon as a whole has 32,454 openings..."

Business 2 Community, June 28th , 2019
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Office 365 vs. G Suite: Which Has Better Management Tools?
Users don't directly see these capabilities, but they are core to managing your productivity and collaboration platform
Galen Gruman and Jonathan Hassell writes in ComputerWorld, "When you choose a productivity platform like Microsoft's Office 365 or Google's G Suite, the main focus is on the platform's functionality: Does it do the job you need?

That's of course critical, but once you choose a platform, you have to manage it. That's why management capabilities should be part of your evaluation of a productivity and collaboration platform, not only its user-facing functionality.

You've come to the right place for that aspect of choosing between Office 365 and Google G Suite..."

ComputerWorld, June 26th , 2019
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IT News - Networks
Wi-Fi 6 vs. 5G: Key Advantages For Businesses
2019 will be a landmark year for wireless connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT), with the launches of Wi-Fi 6 and 5G making headlines across the globe
Paul Routledge writes in ITProPortal, "In a world where access to the Internet and your data has become a necessity for every business, the new superfast Internet speeds and high bandwidth efficiencies that these technologies will deliver are something worth getting excited about. However, for anyone looking to move beyond the hype, what do you need to know about these new standards and how will their introduction meet your current and future commercial needs? What are the tangible advantages of Wi-Fi 6 and 5G?..."
ITProPortal, June 28th , 2019
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IT News - Careers
5 Key IT Skills For The New Decade
Here are 5 key IT skills that promise to be important for future success in just about any IT job
"Keeping your job skills up to date is important in any profession," notes Christopher Tozzi in Data Center Knowledge. "...but it's especially critical in the fast-moving world of IT, where the technologies and practices you learned in the past may no longer be what you need to get your job done today. No matter when or how you learned your IT skills - whether through a formal college degree program, a boot camp, or just by teaching yourself and gaining the certifications to prove it -it's a good idea to compare your current skills with what IT jobs require at the moment.

Toward that end, here's a look at five major areas of expertise that you may not yet have mastered but promise to be important for IT job success in the coming decade..."

Data Center Knowledge, June 28th , 2019
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Why Un-Do Your Resume? 25 Cats.
In the June 25, 2019 Ask The Headhunter Newsletter a reader wants yet another look at the resume

"I think you once wrote that your resume can't defend you, because if the answer is no, you're not there to defend yourself or explain why you still deserve an interview. I get that, but I still need to use a resume. I like how you turn a resume on its head in Resume Blasphemy, so it seems you're not entirely opposed to resumes as long as they deliver a different kind of message. Since I'm going to use a resume anyway, got any other interesting ideas about what I could do to make it more alluring?..."

Ask The Headhunter, June 24th, 2019
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IT News - Email
Office 365 Multifactor Authentication Done Right
Why the ubiquitous nature of Office 365 poses unique challenges for MFA-based security and how organizations can protect themselves
"Attacks like password spraying, brute force, and phishing have targeted Office 365 cloud users for years," notes Yassir Abousselham in Dark Reading

"Most incidents share a common thread: access to the right combinations of usernames and passwords along with legacy authentication mechanisms like basic authentication.

Attacks targeting email accounts protected only by single factor authentication, such as a password - even a 'strong' password - see a higher probability of success. Against these odds, MFA has become a necessary line of defense. Using strong factors discourages attacks by introducing an extra layer of authentication to complete the sign-in process..."

Dark Reading, June 27th , 2019
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What Are The Most Important Email Security Protocols?
Internet email was designed independent of security considerations, but these are the top email security protocols that add mechanisms to keep messaging safe from threats
"Not long after the first internet email protocols were developed, computer scientist Andrew S. Tanenbaum wrote, 'The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from," recalls Peter Loshin in SearchSecurity.

"He wasn't wrong. Although the original internet application protocols rarely addressed security, there are now many choices for email security protocols.

Basic, unsecure email depends on just a handful of protocols:..."

SearchSecurity, June 27th , 2019
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IT News - Developer
The Best Programming Language To Learn
Python is clearly the best choice, unless a better choice is Java or JavaScript. Let's compare
"Everyone is learning to write software these days," opines Peter Wayner in InfoWorld. "That means every school, MOOC, and training site needs to embrace a first language for the young Padawans. Some places, like fusty Harvard, still cling to the 70's era C, but many schools are oscillating between JavaScript, Python, and Java. One is buried in every browser, one is the clean choice of the social sciences, and one is the type-rich preference of more mathematically-minded folks.

Is one the best choice?..."

InfoWorld, June 25th, 2019
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