Will TCO Drive Software Defined Storage?
architectingIT, June 19th, 2019
June 30, 2019,
Volume 255, Issue 4

With the imminent announcement of pricing for VMware vSAN (formerly Virtual SAN), there has never been a more complex landscape for storage in the enterprise. But how much of future decisions will be based on technology and how much on understanding the TCO of solutions being deployed?

"Rumour has it that vSAN will be priced at about $2500 per CPU," writes Chris Evans in architectingIT.

"That's on top of existing licensing and storage hardware (flash and disk). Presumably this means on a 3-node cluster with 4 CPUs per node, vSAN will add an additional $30,000 in costs, list price. Anyone who follows enterprise storage pricing would expect vendors to offer pricing around the $5/GB mark, so for the the same price as licensing vSAN, we could go out and purchase a 6TB+ array. This doesn't seem much in terms of capacity but to be fair, there are many small array vendors out there who could supply a huge amount of storage capacity for $30,000. This is rather a simplistic example, so perhaps we need to look at things in more detail..."

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